Duke Nukem's Voice Actor Teases Fans With Duke Nukem Forever

During a panel at last weekend's music and gaming festival MAGfest, Duke Nukem voice actor Jon St. John asked fans to "read between the lines" regarding his imposed silence over Duke Nukem Forever. Is there still life in DNF yet?

Every time we think the topic is dead and buried, someone has to go and dig it back up. When the fate of Duke Nukem Forever was questioned during a panel at MAGfest in Alexandria, Virginia over the weekend, Duke's voice suggested that fans should be curious as to why he wasn't allowed to discuss the game.

"He's asking about Duke Nukem Forever, let me go ahead and tell you right now that I'm not allowed to talk about Duke Nukem Forever." *crowd groans with disappointment* "No, no, don't be disappointed. Read between the lines. Why am I not allowed to talk about it?"

His response garnered cheers from the crowd, after which St. John made a crack about a girl giving him Bawls, and we begin to see why he was cast as Duke in the first place.

Of course, this is no official confirmation, and he St. John was under the influence of Bawls, but it's good enough to give fans still holding out hope more to cling to.

Check out video of St. John's comments below at Brave New Gamer.

The Voice of Duke Nukem Facetiously Confirms Duke Nukem Forever [Brave New Gamer = Thanks Kapta!]


    I will probably go to my grave waiting for this game, and have no regrets. The idea of the game is probably far better than anything 3D Realms could publish at this point.

    Gee let me think, maybe you’re not allowed to talk about it because some 3D realms Marketing executive thinks the only reason he still has his job is because some gamers are still gullible enough to believe you are working on a game that should have been out ten years ago. And giving them any tiny notion that DNF is getting made makes the company seem like it’s not the total laughing stock of the video game industry?

      That and Jon St. John can keep being flown around from Convention to Convention at others' expense, as long as he keeps the suspense going...


    Lat this shit die. 12 years waiting for a game about 13 year old boy power fantasy is enough.

    The game could not possibly be good enough to justify this ridiculousness. Just let it die.

    There was this other amazing series that we spent 20 years waiting for a sequel to. When it arrived it was horrible because the creators were allowed to take forever and were never told to get their shit together and make something of high quality in a timely fashion. It was this little movie series called Star Wars. You kids might remember it.

    Either way, fawning over people who made something you remember with nostalgia and trusting that they can do no wrong now will always end in bitter tears.

    It absolutely amazes me that people still care about this for anything other than ironic reasons. People, the last time that Duke Nukem was genuinely relevant, Rise of the Robots was considered to be a pretty big deal. Rise of the Robots.

    The industry has moved on, 3D Realms hasn't. There may be people on the dev team that haven't heard what happened to Kurt Cobain yet.

      Are you kidding? A new Duke game is exactly the kind of non-serious, over-the-top kick in the pants the FPS market needs. That or another serious Sam.

    Hes not allowed to talk about it due to legal reasons, not because its about to be released.

    He will be under privacy clauses either way, whether its in development, about to be published, or dead in the water.

    Go take a look at the bajillions of games that never made it out of the dev teams hands, there are plenty of them some complete games that work and have been leaked onto torrent sites etc..

    But, that said, most companies will sit on them, and never release them, which means they get lost to the sands of time.

    I doubt this game exists in any real way, nor would anyone who has been following this trail of incompetance. Moreover if it IS released, I doubt it will be good at all.

    I also think they will get their asses handed to them in a legal sense if they do finally pop up with a game.

    "Were so sorry, we are a bunch of asses who stole your money and did.. HAHAHAH WAS ALL JOKE HERE IT IS! ARENT EVERYONE HAPPY NOW?"
    Nope, no we arent, so shut up about it stupid man who only read lines in a booth and probably never saw anything actually relating to the game other than a teaser trailer.


      ahahahaha, pretty much

    Will someone please hand this deluded man his pink slip?

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