EA Looking To “Take On” Modern Warfare

EA Looking To “Take On” Modern Warfare

Right now, Modern Warfare is top of the war shooter hill. The game’s publisher Activision stands atop that hill — a hill rival companies like Electronic Arts are eager to climb.

“In March we will launch Battlefield: Bad Company 2, which is our first strong attack on Call Of Duty,” EA Europe boss Jens Uwe told MCV Magazine. “The shooter space is one we don’t want to give up. It’s an important genre and we were the number one. So we are certainly working on how we can get that crown back and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is an important product in that context.”

According to Uwe, “If any of our studios can take on Modern Warfare, then it’s DICE.” Known for the Battlefield series, EA Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment AB (EA DICE) is a Swedish video game developer owned by Electronic Arts.

EA Interview [MCV Magazine via CVG]


  • It’s pretty sad they’re going round saying “we are taking on call of duty”.

    Good luck to them, cause they will need it. But i can safely say it won’t be as successful as COD4, World at War and definitely not MW2. Would be nice, but not gonna happen just yet.

    It seems kinda childish about trying to beat MW2. They should respect other developers and have the thought of, oh what there doing is great for the industry and for video games. Lets try something to match that.

    As much as i prefer a lot of EA games to Activision, it just proves how money hungry EA are and well, lack of respect if you could day. They only wanna be #1 – nothing about making a profit or successful games, just #1.

    • if you mean in sales then no they won’t because the franchise is not as big on console but in terms of gameplay there will be no comparison. even bad company 1 is better online play than MW2.

  • Being better than MW2 isn’t hard. Just don’t be an ass. You know, by giving players what they want (modding capabilities, dedicated servers, etc.). Or making the price ridiculous for Australians. EA aren’t perfect, but Activision are callous bastards.

  • Who would want to be number 1 in the shooters category anymore? MW2 marks the point when the entire genre ‘jumped the shark.’ It’s only downhill from here.

  • Yeah, I’ve said this a million billion times (yes, that many) but in two or three, years we’re going to be as sick of “modern war” games as we are of WWII games now. Battlefield looks amazing, but I just hope they’re not trying to *copy* Call of Duty and BF stays its own game…

    It was inevitable that there were going to be a flood of clones after CoD4, I just hope they go further than just being clones, and they do something that Infinity Ward haven’t already done. (Medal of Honor, I’m looking at you)

    • bad company will never be a clone of COD. COD will eventually copy BC’s destructible environments and vehicle mayhem if they want to stay in the game for the future… their gameplay has not changed in years. try playing some previous BF games before you say rubbish like that.

  • I’ve always liked Battlefield for the vehicles, larger playercounts and big maps. CoD:MW is pretty much like a sugar-coated CSS with fancy features like killstreaks or perks. Battlefield games happen on a much larger scale and teamwork will be vital.

    Besides, I know which game PC gamers will be choosing 🙂

  • MW2 is CSS on steroids and is actually playable unlike CSS. EA is also working on that new Medal of Honour game too, Both it and BF:BC 2 will present a challenge to MW2 I think.

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