"Enemies Who Will Ride The True Momentum Of A Gunshot"

It's one of those things that gamers get but non-gamers wouldn't. In the latest video hyping the features of the company's April-targeted western Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar Games demonstrates that every person you shoot in the game will fall uniquely.

Watch the full trailer for information about which guns you can use in the game, how Red Eye slow-motion shooting works this time around and why, exactly, enemies will be knocked back from your bullets by the true momentum of a gunshot.


    That's nice. But that's all it is. Nice. It's just a ragdoll sort of effect really at its core.

      It is so much more. You should go and look at some of the tech demos on youtube.

    Do want.

    Euphoria is a wonderful engine. With GTA it added this whole extra level of depth and gameplay just by making the people react more like real people.

    The more I see about this game, the more I'm eager to play it. Never thought I'd say that about a Western.

    Good to see the graphics have improved since last year. The ragdoll system is cool. Nothing worse than the crap COD always uses where everyone dies the same 4 ways and it doesn't dynamic at all.

      Very true. The only time I noticed a change was between COD1>COD2

    Great because the site refreshes constantly I lost all of the video I had loaded. Thanks Kotaku.

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