Europe Wins The Super Street Fighter IV Box Art Battle

Compared to the European box art for Super Street Fighter IV, the North American version looks like it was thrown together using clip art.

Once again, North America gets stiffed in the box art department. It happened with Heavy Rain, but Sony instituted a fix of sorts. Perhaps Capcom will do the same for Super Street Fighter IV. This is simply depressing.


    I couldn't tell you why, but I actually prefer the North American box art. Not that I'm too fussed either way.

      I prefer the North American boxart too. I think it's the unnecessary use of motion blur in the European one...

    Firstly Dee-jay is gone!!!

    And notice that the characters that feature on both boxes have different poses as well...

    Would love to see the JPN artwork

    not exactly thrilled with either box art...

    Europe gets points for actually putting an effort to make new drawings..but since the art sux, they lose points.

    North America gets no points for being lazy bums.

    So in conclusion, both are below par.

    agree -both are horrible. Are they all supposed to look a little bit retarded? Suppose all the punches to the head had to have an effect.
    Yes, can you treat us to the Japanese artwork, please?

    Japanese is similar to Europe... not too much different at all... Though I'm not fussed with the box art because the game stays in my x-box 24/7 anyway!

    European is at least 1230827.9 times better.

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