EVE Online Player Turns Robin Hood

Last year, an EVE Online player by the name of Curzon Dax managed to earn 374 billion ISK (the multiplayer game's own currency) from in-game investors. He then promptly took the money and ran.

Claiming that he'd be launching a venture that would earn returns of 200 per cent on any investment, Dax attracted plenty of interested backers, and was able to "float" his venture on the game's market.

Only thing was, there was no venture. Dax was planning on taking the money and running. The 374 billion he amassed is the equivalent of around $15,000, of which he spent 250 billion upgrading his ship and left the rest in cash before quitting the game.

So why'd he do it, then just walk away? Turns out there's a Robin Hood streak in the man, as his pimped-out ship will be going to someone who "worked hard to make EVE a great game, and my riches are going to be a salary for them that is long overdue".

That or he's an arsehole and he's lying. Guess we'll never know!

EVE Online Player Pulls Off Massive In-Game IPO Scam [Worlds in Motion]


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