Even Activision's CEO Knows Spider-Man Games Suck

We give Activision boss Bobby Kotick a ton of stick around here, mostly because he often says some pretty silly things. His latest comments on the Spider-Man series, however, ring as true as truth can ring.

"Our Spider-Man games have sucked for the last five years", he told Game Informer. "They are bad games. They were poorly rated because they were bad games."

"We went away from what is Spider-Man. It's about web-slinging. If you don't do web-slinging, what is the fantasy of Spider-Man?"

Aside from upside-down kisses, we don't know, Mr. Kotick. Pretty sure it's all about the web-slinging. Something Spider-Man games haven't got right since Spider-Man 2, which was released in 2004.

Game Informer [via Dtoid]


    I'm sorry but this is clearly bullshit. I don't know how anybody can believe that this Mr. Kotick has any understanding of videogames, he is a businessman and one that should be reviled even if he says something like, "Kittens are nice."

    I think Web of Shadows and Ultimate Spiderman were quite decent games and don't 'suck.' Of course his opinion of games sucking obviously stems from "What's not Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, and Blizzard. Therefore lining my pockets with gold." In which case he would actually be correct.

    I'm going to skip over the fact that Web of Shadows wasn't anywhere near as bad as a lot of people make it out to be (because it was admittedly average) and jump to the real flaw in this article: Ultimate Spider-Man was released post Spider-Man 2 and was every bit as good, if not better. It always gets glossed over because it wasn't attached to a blockbuster movie, which is sad.

    Agreed. Ultimate Spider-Man was a fantastic game based on a comic that I really liked (the comic has become terrible now, but it was good at the time).

    They need to get the guys who made Ultimate Spidey to make another one, with the same charming cell shading, but make it more ambitious and really delve into what makes Spider-Man unique as a superhero and a character. He has some of the most enjoyable powers around, and yet often they are implemented poorly.

    It seems most of the Spider-Man games have certain elements that are done well, but the rest of the game tends to suck.

    Ultimate Spiderman was infinately better than Spiderman 2 which I found quite boring. The graphics alone was awesome on the PS2. I think Web of Shadows is the best spidey game I played in the last 5 years and it is unfortunately very underated. Pity about Shaba games as I would have liked a sequel to Web.

    What id like? Reboot Comic book adaption of spider man. With cell shading.

    Kgo. :)

    Couldn't agree more, I enjoyed both those games. To say they sucked is an unfair call to the developers who made some interesting changes to the largely movie-tie in franchise.
    There's plenty of Spider-man source material to go around outside the movies

    I LOVE ALL THE SPIDER-MAN GAME, THE KEEP GETTING BETTER (Not counting fof) He only thinks theyre "bad" cause theyre not making money opff of them, true spider-man fans love these gam,es, and its the companies own fault that spider-man games dont do as well, not to mention web of shadows was ironiczally over shadowed by Prototype WHICH WAS THE SAME GAME, WITH A DIFFERENT TITLE, and what was worse is that activision publiushed both games, the only reason bobby says there bad games is cause he didnt get any money in his pocket, so bob, go suck a fat one!

    I'm playing a bit of 'Web of Shadows' now, and I reckon the webslinging is probably the best implemented and most fun aspect of the game! But...the combat amounts to button mashing suckiness, the camera is crippled, and the host of other Marvel characters are totally under-utilised. Spidey doesn't even let out groan worthy quips during the battles! BUT THAT's WHAT SPIDEY DOES!!

    The sad thing is, once this shitty reboot comes out, we're going to get another shitty movie tie-in/origin game.

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