Family Guy Teaches Us How To Drive - Using Grand Theft Auto

Last night on a very special Family Guy: When Peter loses his memory, he needs to re-learn everything. That includes driving. Trouble follows when Lois hooks him up to the murder simulator.

By the way, can you tell that's a hooker? It's a hooker. Look how she's dressed.

Peter Uses Grand Theft Auto as a Driving Tutorial on Family Guy [Gawker.TV]


    Although we might find it funny this is just gonna be more fuel for people like Michael Atkinson.

      I wouldn't worry, Ol' snaggletooth-ed mike is too old for cartoons, he's probably too old for television. So his entertainment back in the day for him was: witch burning, cholera and the bible (and we all know what a fun read that was :) ).

      "this is just gonna be more fuel for people like Michael Atkinson"

      A fire which is quickly put out by the fact that people in real life wear seatbelts and have to move their feet not their thumbs to drive cars.



    its a miracle he learnt to drive again lol

    Ahahahahaha loved it. Also check out the new Something Something Something Darkside, it's awesome!

    I've got the limited edition of Blue Harvest, and I just happen to be wearing the t-shirt as I type this. I didn't actually know that "Darkside" had come out until I saw it out the front of a shop the other day. I'm Looking forward to seeing it.

    I got the limited edition of Blue Harvest and I was EXTREMELY disappointed. $60 for a terrible film (and I love family guy.... but it sucked). and a bit of shit in the box. I'm definitely not buying SSSD at all. Rentals ^.^

    but if you run someone over, they respawn right?

    I watched this ep last night, just about crapped my pants when I saw the GTA part >.<

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