Fat Princess Map Selection Grows Fatter With Next Update

Titan Studios expresses its gratitude to the Fat Princess community, sharing some cosplay and slipping fans a free map along with the bug fixes coming in Patch 1.04.

The cosplay comes by way of Asian School Boy, linked in the PlayStation Blog post as part of Titan's outpouring of love for fans of the multiplayer online PlayStation Network title. As if that weren't thanks enough, a new city-themed called Brownie Town will be delivered tomorrow via Patch 1.04, which fixes an issue with online rankings for All-Time and Monthly Team Deathmatch and Invasion game types. Apparently they were swapped around. Tomorrow they'll be swapped back.

Check out a screenshot of Brownie Town below, if I've not already lost you to the cosplay gallery.

Fat Princess: All Hail the Fans with Patch 1.04 [PlayStation Blog]


    LOL LOL LOL ... it just came to mind ...fat princess cosplay?

    What hath man wrought!

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