Final Fantasy Creator Working On IPhone Game

Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of the Final Fantasy series and boss of Lost Odyssey developers Mistwalker, isn't just working on a "long-awaited new blockbuster project". He's doing an iPhone game as well.

Posting a "happy new years" message on Mistwalker's site, Sakaguchi says Mistwalker "are also working on a project for iPhone", and that it "should be released soon". Blue Dragon iPhone, perhaps?



    Good to see Mistwalker is still working on games - Lost Odyssey was a fantastic game in my opinion, that while derivative, polished the traditional JRPG turn-based formula beyond any other game I've seen. I've been waiting for a sequel (real or spiritual) for that since I finished it not long after release.

    I'd be interested in seeing what they're working on for iPhone - Blue Dragon is probably a good guess. It's been released on DS, so iPhone is probably the next step. I'd like to see something more original though. Maybe Cry On is making a comeback?

    I don’t think a full blown RPG would work on the Iphone, I think Square would be better off just putting out some of the smaller games from the various FF titles as Iphone games. Who wouldn’t want to buy the Card game from FF8 as an app?, or maybe FF7 snowboarding, or the bike chase, or maybe the chocobo game from FF9

      Well, the thing is he's the face of Mistwalker now, and not Square Enix. So no FF.

        Yes, but Hironobu still has major pulling power with the FF series that he oversaw back in the day, I bet if he asked Square to release the old 2D FF titles they would.

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