Final Fantasy, Super Mario, Doom, What's On Your Phone's Desktop?

On a lark last week, I asked friends on Twitter to show me the image they have on their phone's desktop. The results included quite a few video game references.

Here are some of my favourites. What's on your phone?


    My N97 has about 100 wallpapers on it and it just shuffles through them every hour :) makes for a better phone expereance :P though shockingly no game wallpaper...

    *begins to google*

      What program on the phone do you use for that?

        Just noticed that's built into the phone's software... whoops :P

    . . . My very fat pussy . . . cat
    this is not a euphemism

    Picture I took of the pagoda in Asakusa, Tokyo.

    A picture I took of my son. But on my old N95 I've got the song slider from Mario64 as the ring tone and the transforming sound from the old transformers cartoon for the message alert.

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