Final Fantasy XIII On... The PS2?

Square Enix's role-playing game Final Fantasy XIII is a PlayStation 3. (And an Xbox 360 game!) But at one time, the game was running on the PS2.

Early artwork and screens have been published in two new books from Square Enix, giving insight into the game's design process. These test version images date pre-E3 2006 when the game was announced, and thus, are logically running on the PS2.

The art direction is different than what appeared in the final product. The battle user interface doesn't look that different, however.

[蛋定] Ultimania ゲット![多图更新 秘:PS2版画面] -最终幻想13天幻论坛 [BBS.FFSKY.COM via Final Fantasy-XIII]


    To be honest, that actually looks pretty cool.

    What could've been.

    Cel shaded FF? Yes please!

    you suppose this was used as a proof of concept to sell the combat system and using recycled assests as a result, or maybe at one stage it was going to be X-3

    FFX-3 O.o That's totally cel-shaded Yuna and Rikku... I have to say that looks pretty cool but I don't think cel-shading suits FF at all. Maybe because I keep associating it with sub-par JRPG that has really whiny anime characters :-/

      Bashing Persona? On my Kotaku?

      I totally thought that looks like Yuna and Rikku in those shots too ^^

    they should remake ff6 with that cel shading.

    Final Fantasy 12 was actually delayed in its delivery. In the middle of the delay, SE has started its development for FF13.

    I think Vel was referring to Wild Arms 4 onwards as well as Rogue Galaxy.

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