Final Fantasy XIII Soundtrack: The Trailer

Final Fantasy XIII's soundtrack is so epic that it warrants its own, 2-minute long Japanese trailer.

This trailer, which also appears on Square Enix's Japanese website for the game, makes it even harder for me to wait until the end of next month to import the soundtrack for a ridiculous amount of money. McWhertor detailed the four-disc release earlier this month, along with the limited-edition that comes with an extra disc, and ever since I've been scouring import sites trying to find a place to preorder the more money version. If successful, it will mark the first time I purchased music in CD format in more 5 years.

When's the last time you bought a music CD?

Oh, and thanks to DigitalHero for pointing us to the trailer!


    I would totally buy that, if i had that kind of money to burn. Also the last music cd purchase i made was about 4-5 years ago.

    There's no Nobuo Uematsu though, so I have my doubts. Hopefully there's something in there that's as good as To Zanarkand, Liberi Fatali or Aerith's Theme, all of which are instantly recognisable.

    I've got the limited edition of the Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack pre-ordered. Last time I bought an actual music CD was only a couple weeks back; the CD was a local band that I went and caught a gig for.

    Last time I bought music in CD form was when I bought Juke Kartel's - Save Me single. Pretty good song, single cost like $5 bucks at JB and I thought, eh why not?
    I was with a friend at the time and he said "You bought MUSIC on a CD!?"
    Guess that says something about the way things are no?
    Weirdly enough, drove past a pub yesterday where Juke Kartel were going to be playing in a few days (it said it on some big-ish banner on the place).

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