Final Fantasy XIII's PAL Collector's Edition Is Lovely

It might not have exactly the same contents as were listed on GameStop's Italian portal, but the PAL region Collector's Edition of Final Fantasy XIII is nothing to scoff at.

For the most part, the official PAL Collector's Edition for Final Fantasy XIII is very similar to the one Luke wrote about earlier this week. It does indeed contain the game, a hardbound art book titled "The World of Final Fantasy XIII", a series of attractive collector's cards, and a soundtrack sample CD, all packed into a limited edition package.

The only real difference is the Brand of the L'Cie decal, which wasn't listed in the leaked version, and the absence of a prequel comic, which was listed. lists the collector's edition at £59.99, which is roughly $US100. If we do get this collection Stateside, let's hope Square Enix is a bit gentler on our wallets.


    Haha, jeez, Oz EB is listing the game by itself as $118 AUD and JB Hifi's as $109 AUD. Makes me wonder how much they're gonna slug us for the collector's edition if it rocks up here.

      GAME has it in their online store for $99. Usually a good idea to check with them for new releases, as I've found they're usually the cheapest.

      JB is advertising the CE for $139.

      Mate I've got two words for you "trade bait".

      EB got that information today as well, price is set at 139.95.

        Serious? I'm looking at both eb and jb au sites and can't find a thing about the collectors edition...

    Weak CE is weak. I'll get the standard version if I can be bothered at all.

    I'll buy it just for the better box art

    What place has the best preorder offer you guys reckon?

      It's at game for $129 if you order online (I'm pretty sure they offer free shipping to Australia...)

      It's OK considering that JB is offering the regular game for $109...but once again GAME have the regular game for $99 online.

    I'm curious why you guys don't order your games from Play-Asia instead of going to EB, JB or Game. Titles are almost always a good $20 cheaper and with region lock outs no longer an issue you don't need to mess around with moding your machine to play them. Delivery only takes 1 week and you can combine shipping.

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