First Look At Armored Core 5

Three days? No, two. Developer From Software's online reveal of Armored Core 5 is scheduled for 1.14. It's leaked reveal from Japanese magazine is scheduled for today.

Hello blurry magazine scans!

According to the Famitsu article, the game's concept is "mayhem" mechanical action. The game will feature new weapons, more robust and dramatic mission stories and stages that are more detailed and complex than the previous titles.

AC5 will feature smaller mecha as well - instead of being 10 meters, the AC mecha's scale is 5m in this upcoming installment.

The game is heading to the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Development of Armored Core 5 is 20 per cent.


    I really enjoyed Armored Core 4 (and For Answer) so this is good enough news as is, but better still it sounds like they're working on the areas that I thought needed most improvement. Can't wait.

    Awesome. Ac4 and FA are great and ac5 seems as it will be even better, i hope it gets good sales out of japan when it is located. AC is the best mech series there is, and i have never found a game (of any genre) that demands and develops such skill in the player, i love 1 vs 1 battles on it, blade matches and stuff, its just great. And the customization makes your ac feel like really yours, something you created. I hope ac5 has offline (split screen) coop, that´d be fabulous. Also a better usage of those great maps would be an improvement, not just killing one main target but having to deal with all of them. Imm really interested in the new stuff anounced for this game like more drama and more developed missions.

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