First Look At Platinum Games' New Title This Thursday On GTTV

Platinum Games, creators of Bayonetta and MadWorld (and Infinite Space!), are going to reveal their fourth and still unannounced game this Thursday on GameTrailers TV. But that's not all.

Sure, the draw of Platinum's follow-up to Bayonetta will be one reason to tune in. Will Platinum Games announce a sequel or spin-off to Bayonetta so soon? Seems unlikely. Will we get more MadWorld? Hrm. Or will that countdown lead to something new altogether?

You'll definitely want to tune in, if only to get a peek at one Mr. Brian Crecente, Kotaku Editor-In-Chief and the man who determines my bonus pay out. He will partake in GameTrailers TV's 2010 preview, offering his trademark wit and wisdom about the year's highly anticipated releases.

Who wants to take bets about PG's next game in the comments?


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