First-Person Tetris Might Make You Queasy

I just tried playing Tetris in first-person which probably doesn't play out the way you expect it to.

If you don't get too sick playing first-person games, give it a try. It's free to play in a browser and, aside from potentially making players dizzy also has a night-time mode. Both interesting touches.

Be safe, gamers!

First Person Tetris [Via A Life Well Wasted podcast producer Robert Ashley's Twitter feed.]


    Well, that was weird. It felt like I was sitting really far away... hmmm

    That was just a bit trippy. Unique twist on Tetris though, and it makes it really hard right at the end when you're trying to rotate blocks quickly to slot them into the right place.

    That is INSANELY awesome.

    Seriously, this is my favorite random-game-link from Kotaku yet (heh played a fair bit o Tetris on my NES a few years back)

    But yeah, this is a great take which brough a smile to my face and a haemorrhage to my eyeballs.

    That was awesome! Lol, didn't make me queezy at all... then again, I've been playing FPS games since before I was in kinder..

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