Former Nintendo Boss "Suffering" Through Nintendo "Downturn"

Late-year surge aside, 2009 was a time of slight decline for Nintendo, spurred by a slide in sales for the once-booming Wii. And nobody felt that slide more than the company's former boss Hiroshi Yamauchi.

Yamauchi, who not only ran Nintendo from 1949 to 2002 but is also the company's single biggest shareholder, was not too long ago the richest man in Japan, with a personal fortune estimated at USD$7.8 billion.

Now, though, he's not the richest man in Japan. Poor Yamauchi. Still, don't shed too many tears for the man; despite dropping from first to third to seventh on Forbes' list of Japan's richest people, he still has an estimated worth of USD$3.8 billion.

Half of what he had, yes, but still enough to dry any tears.

Also making Forbes' list was Hajime Satomi, boss of Sega Sammy, at #32.

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    Looks like this guy can only swim in ONE empty house full of rare jewels while eating the eyeballs of long since extinct mythical animals to preserve his youth. I’ll certainly keep you in my prayers sir. I’m sure you will bounce back from only having 4 billion dollars in no time.

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