Forza Motorsport Developer Mentions Natal Platform Games

Developer Turn 10, the studio behind popular racing simulator Forza Motorsport, appears to be planning a new title for Microsoft's upcoming Natal motion system game.

A job posting for a Turn 10 business development manager position notes this:

set strategy and drive high-quality game content for our next generation games including the Natal platform

As an internal Microsoft Game Studio, the fact that Turn 10 mentions Natal development seems rather obvious, no? Still, it will be interesting to see if Turn 10 brings its racing sims to Natal or if the studio is working on something else entirely.

REDMOND Business Development Manager-Senior-MGS-Turn 10 Job [Microsoft via Eurogamer]


    I actually wouldn't mind if Natal could track my head so I could look around in the cockpit when im driving in Forza. You can do it with the controller, but its in no way possible when you're in the thick of a intense race. I'd love to be able to look into corner naturally..

      Yeah that would be good. Using the Microsoft Wireless Racing Wheel you can't actually look around the cockpit like you can with the normal controller. I guess Turn 10 assumed that everyone with a wheel would also have a 3 screen setup. A head tracking feature like this would be awesome for people using the wheel.

    yeah this would be awesome!!! let us look where we want to!!

    Well, it would be nice to look around if the cockpit view actually worked. They could easily do this anyway with the current 360 camera if they wanted to, but I'd prefer them to fix the broken cockpit view and add link-play back in before they started getting fancy.

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