Game Of The Year 2009: The Popular Vote

We've had our say, announcing which three games we think should be named game of the year for 2009. Now it's your turn.

Over the week we've laid out our thoughts about why Assassin's Creed II, Demon's Souls and Uncharted 2 is, or isn't, the best game of 2009. And make no mistake, we still haven't reached any sort of conclusion. As the debate rages on at Kotaku Tower we're giving you a chance to make your own arguments for or against these three games... or any other that you think should get the nod.

Go back and read our arguments for the games and then vote for your favourite game in this poll, but don't stop there. We also want you to lay out your own arguments for why you think your selection is the best for game of the year.

We'll announce the results of the popular vote here tomorrow and on Monday we'll unveil who we selected as the winner. With all of the tower editors who played all three games voting, and arguing, until we get a single decisive winner.

Voting ends tomorrow. If you add a write-in make sure you spell it correctly and include the full title.


    I never got my hands on Demon's Souls... :o(

    Assassin's Creed II was great but too easy. Uncharted 2 was great but ultimately forgettable.

    As a huge Batman fan, Batman: Arkham Asylum was a dream come true.

    Dragon age: Origins. Not just because it looks amazing or the way the combat systems give you huge numbers of options for solving every problem, but because it's the first game I’ve played where the characters are developed enough for some of them to really annoy me.

    Is there DLC available to slap Alistair? With a hammer?

    My vote may be inaccurate, as I never had the chance to actually play Demon's Souls, but for me ACII is the clear victor this year. Uncharted 2 was one of those games i wanted to enjoy because it was a good game, but i didn't enjoy it one bit.

    ACII! :D
    Now hurry up and release that DLC...

    For me its Uncharted 2. I played AC2 and enjoyed i most of the time, but it is way oo easy. And i really didnt like it when the game forced me to go and collect things to progress the story.

    Demon Souls is awesome, very difficult and set out very nicely. I havent played through it completely yet and i doubt i will. Dying is very counter productive in it, and death happens often.

    Uncharted 2 was incredibly well written, from the cutscenes to the in game banter. I loved every second playing it and i only stopped playing it because i had to go to work, not because i was bored. Naughty Dog went to great lengths adding every minute detail they could to the game... I have never playd a game that feels so complete as uncharted 2. There are no bugs, no clipping issues, and the game world is so full of items. It truly is an amazing accomplishment and a really great step forward that developers can learn from. It is definately the best game for gamers released since frogger!

    Definitely not Uncharted 2.

    It's too linear, the writing is nowhere near as well written as some people think (if you think it's well written, try picking up a novel not written by Dan Brown) and it's not even the finished article.

    The developers actually came out and said the opening section of the game, where you're sneaking around the museum, has massive flaws at the fountain section - but they just let it slide so the game could ship on time.

    Games should be about substance, and Uncharted 2 has all the substance of a crappy Hollywood flick.

    If you sat and watched this at the movies, you'd think it was pretty ordinary. The fact that it's a game shouldn't excuse itself from that.

    I'd rather see Batman: AA get a nod up than this.

      99% of games have the substance of a hollywood flick. in fact that what uncharted is trying to do. please tell me how batman is any different?

      what i appreciate about both games is that they are done so well.

    For me it was Batman.

    Dragon Age ran a close second.

    It worked the source material beautifully.
    It had action for those that like that. Open world for those that like that. Grappling and climing... and collectable quests.

    It was something for everyone... and it didn't fall short, like most games that try to please everyone.

    Batman for sure. Despite some technical difficulties on the pc version, it is about as perfect as a game can be expected to be.

    Batman: Arkham Asylum. Just seemed to be the game where everything came together to make you feel like Batman. Nothing felt out of place.

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