Gamers 4 Croydon Now Fully Registered

As seen on the Gamers 4 Croydon twitter feed.


    they need to change their party name, i cannot take them seriously if not.


        Well the Australia Sex Party seems like a joke but they seem to be doing pretty well for themselves.

      This is my thoughts exactly. Great idea what they are doing but no one is going to take them seriously. The parties name is marketing fail.

      Fair call, and if dedicated gamers can't take them seriously, then what hope do we have of casual gamers? Or the public in general??

      That said, they've got my support, and I'll put effort in to spread the word...

        Well they have my support to, but i'm in QLD so not much good that will do. I just think the party name will alienate the vast majority of voters that will think "Gamers 4 Croydon" will be run by a group of uni students with no life experience but a zealous cause ideal. They may even assume that Gaming (and gaming related polices) is all this party can offer which to the average person might not be enough.

    I was pleasantly surprised to receive a membership card and bumper sticker in the mail yesterday, along with a letter from David Doe. I am a member of a political party! Woo!

    I think this is where we grats their ding.


    Soon, we will have justice. Our rights, as human beings will be addressed. But more importantly, our rights as Ga3m3rz0rz will be addressed.

    @lcb grow a pair its a name. these are the people represent us for what we deserve and need. their your voice, the least you could do is show your support and not whine like a girl about the name

      Their not just representing "Gamers". Gamers4Croydon will be fighting to represent Croydon, which would include a lot of non-gamers, homeless people, pensioners, people with disabilities, people concerned about the environment, all kinds of people. In order to win in the Croydon electorate, Gamers4Croydon will need to gain votes from more than just Gamers. G4C has reflected this in their policies (which include more than just te R18+ rating issue), but do not reflect that in their name. I agree that the Gamers4Croydon name will not be taken seriously, but I will give them my full support.

    Truely a bunch of criminals who will surely use dirty tactics to steal less than 1% of the vote.

    Go Gamers4Croydon!

    (stupid name though)

    My suggestions:

    Entertainment Liberation Party (Croydon Branch) (ELP-C)

    Croydon VideoGame Salvation Party (CGRP)

    Croydon National Gamer's Party (CNGP)

      Peoples Rights Party
      Censorship Erradication Party
      Concerned Parents Party

      My suggestions may not be very good, but I'm attempting to take the term 'Gamers' out of the party name.

      its not a national party.

        Yes it is. They are going to content the Federal election this year and the NSW Election in 2011.

        They are also going for the senate in both South Australia and Canberra, which is a whole lot easier to get into then the local MP seats.

        They will get in somewhere, somehow, but it won't be as MP of Croydon.

          My thought:
          Australian Modernization Party (or some varient), although this risks being avoided by very conservate, fear of change people.

    Entertainment Liberation Party (Croydon Branch) (ELP-C)

    Deep :)

    Regarding people's criticism of the party's name (of which I too had some originally), I point you to a comment by Chris Prior, councillor for G4C:

    "Naming a party is an incredibly abstract thing. Let’s not forget that the Liberal party is this country’s major conservative party. We could have chosen a fancy, buzz-word name, and maybe that would poll better. Maybe not. But for a party that’s aiming to bring a bit of honesty to politics, choosing a focus-group name over an honest one would be hypocritical. It also brings more attention to gamers as a demographic, and we hope by setting a good example in our campaign fight some of the anti-gamer prejudices.

    We might get attacked for it, but that is not always a bad thing."

    That was a comment he left previously on Kotaku:

      haha thats interesting, thanks for the link.

      While i agree at the sentiment, going too far with an ideal to the extent you become ineffective does no good either.

      Choosing a better name need not be a lie. I'm sure at the time "liberal" was probably very accurate. Once you get a brand its not a good idea to lose it.

      I feel the party should choose a name that is truthful, relevant AND incorporates what the party should mean to every australian.

    the Michael is a dick party

    Pretty sums up the main philosophy of the party

    Contemporary Party of South Australia

    If people are worried about the gamers part, just drop it and be called 4 Croyden. Get the home team spirit going.

    Anyone else noticed when you google "gamers4croydon", the link to the gamers4croydon home page takes you to a bogus Google 404 error?

      It just changed to a normal looking broken link page... wtf

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