Gamers 4 Croydon Reveal Candidates To Run Against Atkinson

Gamers 4 Croydon Reveal Candidates To Run Against Atkinson

Australia first gamer rights political party has announced its candidates to run at the South Australian state election in March. And they’re keen to answer your questions.

Gamers 4 Croydon, the political party founded late last year to campaign for an overhaul of our video game classification system and against R18+ opponent Michael Atkinson, was fully registered by the Australian Electoral Commission just last week.

This week they have revealed the two candidates to stand in the upcoming South Australian election.

Kat Nicholson is the Gamers 4 Croydon candidate for the lower house seat of Croydon. She will be running against Atkinson in his safe Labor electorate which he has held for twenty years. Nicholson will hope to prove correct the Attorney-General’s prediction of a “real contest” when voters go to the polls on March 20.

According to G4C, Nicholson “has sustained a lifelong love of both gaming and politics and is a highly intelligent, motivated and educated young woman. She is passionate about Adelaide and its capacity for innovation and growth, and is certain that the ever-changing area in which the seat of Croydon lies is a potential beacon for the rest of the state.”

Gamers 4 Croydon are also gunning for a seat in the upper house. Chris Prior, G4C President, will be standing as the candidate for the Legislative Council.

Prior is described as “a programmer with a passion for politics dating back since before he can remember, he aims to be a candidate for all South Australians who expect more from their government. He will fight for more openness in government, tighter controls to prevent the abuse of power and a fair go for everyone.”

Both Nicholson and Prior have agreed to answer a bunch of questions from Kotaku readers. So if you’ve got something to ask, hit them up in the comments below.

Tomorrow I’ll post as many answers as they’ve been able to get through.

Candidates Announced [Gamers 4 Croydon]


  • My biggest question for G4C is how they are planning on running their campaign. I very much would like this party to work and to succeed. My largest concern, particularly off the bat with the name, is ensuring a wide enough appeal to non-gaming voters.

    How does G4C plan to ensure their political marketing of their party appeals to all members of their electorate, avoiding being brushed aside in the minds of votes who might dismiss the party initially as not in their interest?

  • Hmm, the one thing I have noticed about Atkinson is that he has never been directly challenged about the facts of the R Rating/video games in general.

    Every time he has gone on one of his misinformed, insulting rants about video games, it has always been through a pre-recorded interview, prepared statement or some other avenue where he has complete control and nobody immediately challenges him with facts.

    I’ve always maintained that if Atkinson is placed in a live debate situation with someone from Gamers 4 Croydon, his arguments about games would instantly crumble under the weight of the actual, real facts of the issue being presented to him. He brings up ‘cruel, depraved sex games’ and you explain in great detail why he wrong about those games (Rapelay being the only one) ever reaching our shores. He goes on his diatribe about ‘terrorist blowing himself up’ games, directly demand the name of this game he’s referring to, and then explain again why he’s misinformed. He would not have a leg to stand on when presented with reality because nobody is yet to do this to him in a public venue.

    Any remote chance of this happening?

    • I agree with this. Put Atkinson it a position to be directly challenged, and pick apart his argument to his face-preferably infront of his ‘constituents’.

      Might come as a reality check for the man.

  • Why should the percentage of the public who dont play video game vote for you? What do you have policy wise that will make me vote for you over Mr Atkinson?

    • Good grief, these guys are more organised and have more policies then the Liberal opposition in south Australia


    • I’m not to keen on the big solar farm and mandatory water tanks for all policies….seems very economically wasteful in my opinion

      most other policies are not too bad and mainly concentrate on that electorate which is good…

  • Someone needs to these guys up on national TV, wouldnt today/tonight prefer a different story for a change, rather then the 42nd thousand diet/weight loss miracle.

  • I agree that Atkinson needs to be directly challenged. His argument has so many holes that I’m sure any Australian gamer could point out. All of his points contradict themselves, and it shouldn’t be too hard to trap him in a corner.

    Anyway, I wish G4C the best of luck and I really hope that something will some of this campaign.

  • Well theres a few questions i want to ask so here goes

    1: Do you think the name you chose for your party is alienating? I Personally feel that it kinda is, but id like to hear the logic behind why you chose the name etc

    2:With Atkinson appealing to general misinformation regarding games, none of which is based in fact, has your progress in gaining support for your party outside gaming communities been difficult?

    Finally with no experience in political offices before how do you plan to convince people with the SA state to vote for you in order to remove atkinson and even if you dont win do you think it will have an infulence on the general public as to what he has been doing with his power over the years?
    Hope you guys win it

    • I think the party name could have been improved, but it may be too late for that. Something like the “Anti-Censorship Party” would have a broader appeal, and cut right to the heart of the issues that they’re fighting.

      Still, best of luck to them. You guys would have my vote, if I lived in that area.

      • I like your name suggestion, i worry however that it might send the wrong message as the party isn’t all censorship. I first thought “sensible censorship party” but thats a terrible name lol.

      • That sort of name would send out the wrong message. G4C is not against censorship, they’re against the lack of an R18+ classification for games. It’s not the same thing.

        Even if they won, censorship in games will still exist. Games, especially given how graphic they are becoming, can still be banned in our country, and typically it’s the sort that should be because it’s much more than just having a person’s head explode into pieces.

        My question: G4C sets a clear target for the lower and upper seats of Croydon. I still think a name change would be beneficial, but not so much the “gamers” as “croydon”, else it appears a little limiting in the populace you stand for (and may intend to run for in the future).

  • love some of the policies listed on the Gamers for Croydon especially the one in regards to question time. which currently seems that the pollies behavior resembles some law school boys club with a lot of useless slandering and not a lot of open rational debate. given that the house is a majority of what i could only describe as high school “jocks” how would you plan to convince the house to pass such an amendment?

  • Some labor party in-fighting would go along way to our cause.
    Anybody know how to start a ruckus within the ranks?

  • Despite the fact I live in Brisbane I display my gamers 4 croyden bumper sticker with pride.

    @ Asuron
    They’ve commented before on the name saying that one of there main policies is for the government to be more open and honest, and that it would be hypocritical of them to have a name chosen to appeal to more people instead of one that honestly represents em.

    • While i agree with your sentiment, the name doesn’t have to be such a large swing away from the core values of the party.

      The name currently will be heard/read by the average voter as “Minority Group Pushing their own agenda”. No different to say “The Australian Sex Party”.

      Taking up a more defining name doesn’t require giving up the key points of what the party is. A lot of the policies of the party aren’t gaming related. Its only the reason why the party started does the name bare significance.

      Picking something a little more less defined then “gamers” might appeal to a larger audience who might actually be prepared to also listen to the policies provided. Right now i’d suggest a majority of voters might dismiss the party simply on the name.

      Like i’ve said before, sticking to ideals are great but sticking so hard to them you cease to be effective is not in anyones interest.

  • Given Atkinson fights dirty, and has a wealth of resources available, do you think a grass roots approach will succeed?

    Who will your preferences go to on the ballot?

    If you fail as Atkinson predicts, how will you stop him from using that failure as a political tool to further hurt the R18+ rating for games ‘movement’?

    How do you plan to introduce an Independent Commission Against Corruption in a State where successive governments have been very much against this type of bureaucracy?

    How will you propose a ban on political advertising when successive governments and oppositions have been paying lip service to this notion, but have increased the amount of public monies spent on advertising?

    How much will retrofitting homes with water tanks cost?

    How much will expanding the storm water recycling scheme cost?

    How much will the worlds largest solar farm cost? Where would it be located? How do you intend to get electricity from the farm to the grid?

    • lol what are you an Atkinson staffer undercover? They’ve only just announced candidates, most other parties haven’t even done that yet, preferences won’t be sorted out for aaaaaages yet.

      Also, you do realise questions like “where would the wind farm go”, how much something would cost, etc can’t be definitively answered until research has been undertaken, tentative quotes/plans have ben drafted and the community have been consulted first? It’s not a dictatorship. They can’t just declare “Oh, the windfarm will go 2 km outside of X-town, like it or not.”

  • Hi,

    I would like to know more about the campaign in general, like how many door knockings and flyers being handed out, just a update on the details of the campaign and how much awarness has been raised within croydon?

    I like the fact they are putting a woman, it will make it harder for out pal mick to sterotype gamers but if she is still a student, isn’t she still a bit too young?

    Otherwise you guys are doing a bang up job

  • i too would prefer a name change for wider appeal,

    something to say ‘ we represent adults who want to be treated as adults ‘ sort of thing, that way you get the internet filtering marketing , R18+ movie problems going your way too.
    The government is treating its voting adults like uneducated untrustworthy children, especially parents. Should parents be parents or are we going to let the government do the parenting for us.

    Scare tactics, a world with no adult level materal of any kind, just stuff for children. No adult games, adult level movies are being forced out now , filtered internet very soon .. next adult magazines, adult books, adult drinks?? ban ban ban ban ban.

  • Guys – why are you asking the candidates about the name? The founder chose it way back when he started trying to recuit people in November and its a bit late now because it’s officially registered under that name. Pick something a bit more important/changeable to fixate on instead.

    • Because voicing the concern now is a very important thing. It seems to me that a significant number of G4C supporters believe the name is of detriment to the party itself. Asking the question has two main objectives:
      1. It highlights the persepective of the general supports that believe the name could be the shooting the campaign in the foot, with the hopes a change could be made now when the damage is minimal

      2. It allows G4C to outline a why, and how, which will hopefully satisfy the supporter that there is a plan which will ensure the name isn’t the parties achilles heel.

      We want this party to succeed. Thrashing out issues early on is very important. I’d hate to see this fail over something as trivial as a party name.

      I keep thinking about the Australian Sex Party. I have nothing against sex but i’ve never even looked at their policies because their name makes me automatically assume they will not take interest in non-sex related matters. Yes that makes me ignorant, but the hassle is this mentality is incredibly common. G4C will lose purely on this on unless they have a clear strategy to get over this bump. No doubt they will stick to the main issues, but that could further instill into the regular voters minds that its a gaming/censorship only party and the rest of the communities interests might get ignored.

      The message needs to be clear and on track, but also needs to reassure voters that this isn’t a 1 trick pony and every voters needs are important, not just gaming/censorship.

    • I personally asked because i was wondering if they will think if its gonna affect their campaign, because lets face it, it just might,we see tons of parties with obscure names like that , who dont achieve anything so is it really so wrong to ask what their perspectives on this are?

      • I have to agree on the name issue. When I brought up the subject of G4C with my partner (She’s a gamer, but not one that really reads any gaming sites or anything like that. She just plays), her immediate response was to dismiss it. A large part of that is she, rightly I think, doesn’t think a constituency like Croyden is going to rally around a group with ‘Game’ in their name. They are an older, more established area and while we have to tackle Atkinson there, ham-handed choices like this name make it hard to take them seriously. Even though the policies outside gaming are ones we believe strongly in, we just don’t see anyone with the name ‘Gamers4Croyden’ being taken seriously in the mainstream.

        The name also makes it clear to a casual person that they are a one-issue pony. People aren’t going to go look at their web page and realise they have other sound policies, they will simply dismiss them and move on. It also makes me, and others, wonder what will happen if they DO win. What becomes of the party if their crusade succeeds? Or when people who aren’t gamers DO join? At what point does the party stop being about this niche and being about, well, /everything/, like a real political party needs to be?

        Plus, what happens when they go national? Again, Croyden is one small area, what about people who live in Brisbane? Canberra? Are you for us too? Are we welcome in the party, or are we just a source of funds?

        G4C was a good name while things were being founded and developed, but somewhere along the way they should have come up with a grown up name, and I think it hamstrings them before they will get a fair go.

        In a time when both of the ‘main’ parties are floundering with message and appeal, and tertiary parties like the Greens are making more headway, there is room for movements like G4C to make a real difference. But they have to show they have the finesse to do it.

        As for the person saying ‘They’re only a week old, they can’t know the answers to this’, that is a piss-weak reply. If they can’t show WHY their policies are good ones, then they have no business espousing them. We expect no less of the Labour party, or the (Criminally misnamed) LIberal Party, or even the Greens. You can’t just say ‘We want to do X’ and not expect people to ask HOW.

        Now, that’s all just exposition on my part, so I will ask a question for them that hopefully will get answered: Given the rampant bullying and homophobia present in most gaming environments these days, what are your views on GLBT issues like same-sex marriage, partner benefits, aid to people who are undergoing gender reassignment, and other minority sections of the population that are often thrown under the buses of the mainstream parties? Have you brought on someone qualified to form a viewpoint with the GLBT community and to engage them? We would be valuable allies.

        (PS: The Australian Freedom Party does not seem to be taken, and seems to embrace the concepts we espouse. It is a name that inspires people to look closer. Possibly an alternative would be the Australian Privacy Party, or the Australian Future Party. None of those is great, but all have echoes of inspiration and appeal to a broad range of people that ‘Gamers 4 Croyden’ (I hate that 4 by the way) is just going to make scoff.

  • What, if any, local media has contacted Gamers 4 Croydon on its own, to get more information to their readership about you?


  • If I lived in Croydon i’d vote for them..This Atkinson dude is only a attorney general after all..Basically a glorified lawyer.

  • Mike Atkinson..The “Ray Martin Midday Show” for the geriatric “afternoons and coffee spoons” crowd at the C Class hospital.

  • They won’t win unfortunately and Atkinson will use their inevitable failure as vindication of his views.

  • Do you regret the choice of naming your party G4C? IMO, i believe its going to be a tough sell to non-gamers when they hear about your party.

    Did you give it a deep enough thought about how the name could backfire on you?

    Oh and, have you ever had hostile feelings?

  • No one’s expecting them to win Atkinson’s seat. Hell, I don’t think even they expect to win the seat. Their goal is to merely to chip away at Atkinson’s 64% percent preference. If they can do that, then it shows that the message is getting out there, and they’ll have something to work on from there.

  • I support what you are doing. However I am concerned that Atkinson seeks to turn this into a national referendum on the R18+ issue. Given that Croydon is a very safe Labor seat, and according to Wiki requires a 27% turn against the incumbent seat holder Atkinson to change parties. You are faced with an enormous task, however should Atkinson be successful in keeping his seat and seeks to continue with his censorship reigeme, what post election strategies does G4C have in store? And how will you prevent Atkinson turning this into a national referendum on the R18+ issue in the likelihood he keeps his seat and bring about real change in australian censorship policy?

  • haha, what a joke.

    They obviously don’t understand how politics works.

    Let them have a go, but it’s just a laugh and nothing more.

  • Shouldn’t there at least be a face given to the candidates? It doesn’t seem credible until they do at least that; as of now they look like two agreeable members of the public picked out of a hat. Despite the obvious outrage against Atkinson here, surely more needs to be done to dethrone the twenty year veteran.

  • I had a correspondence with the party regarding radio advertising, if anyone is interested:

    “Hi Stephen,

    Unfortunately, radio advertising is an expense we just can’t justify. Everything being done for the party is being done on donations, and to make those donations stretch as far as possible, we’re doing everything as frugally as we can.

    Any donations you or your friends can send through would be welcome, and any way you can help spread our message, either by promoting our website or Facebook group is also very very welcome.

    We’ll keep doing everything we can to win a seat (or two) in this election.

    Kind regards,
    David Doe / r1nce

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