Gamers 4 Croydon Shirts, Mugs, Caps, Mouse Pads Now Available

You can now show your support for Gamers 4 Croydon on your chest, on your head, with your coffee and even on your car. The pro-R18+ classification political party challenging Michael Atkinson at the SA state election in March have released their own range of merch.

My favourite is the Grow Up Australia coffee mug, pictured here. But there are also pin badges, baseball caps, mouse pads, t-shirts (pictured below) and polo shirts, thermos mugs, and several car bumper stickers.

Your money will support the G4C election campaign. Any not used by the end of the election will be donated to the Child's Play charity.

What are you going to buy?

Gamers 4 Croydon [Zazzle]


    I like their new visual identity. It shows to the voters that they are looking to expand their policy base.

    I'd get the Driving Banned bumper sticker, but I don't have a car.

    maybe a tshirt but zazzle is blocked at work doh

    I'm actually in the market for a new mouse pad, so why not, it's for a good cause!

    I was actually browsing the G4C website yesterday and looking at making a donation, but I think I will go the shirt route now. The more advertising the better.

    They need a t-shirt with the "No R18+ for videogames? Grow up Australia" slogan on it. If I wore one of the current t-shirts, the only people that know what it's about are the already aware. Having the slogan might make some people either ask questions or look into it themselves.

    I'm still waiting for the mug that says: "This is the only Hot Coffee I'm allowed..."

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