GameStop Launches Mass Effect 2 And MAG At Midnight

Video game retailer GameStop has deemed both Mass Effect 2 and Sony's MAG worthy of keeping its employees up past midnight to get them into gamers' hands.

More than 2500 GameStop stores will be opening late on Monday night to dole out pre-ordered copies of Mass Effect 2 and MAG to eager fans, with certain locations hosting various themed games of skill to keep players from bashing down to doors before the clock strikes twelve. Customers at GameStop locations where it's safe to be outside that late can expect a tank building challenge, a commando dress up contest, a grenade launch, and more, while those who frequent seedier stores will instead stand outside until around midnight, huddled together for safety.


    I cant wait to play MAG and once again find the Yanks have got 3 weeks-worth of XP and levelups on me... On MAG this is magnified by its promotion system- so one Day One for me, my superior officers will all be Septics. Not that there's anything wrong with that :/

      Yeah, the delay til mid-Feb pisses me off. Oh well, at least it gives time for my headset to arrive.

    MAG? Really? I mean i know it is a pretty big game for Sony but i have heard that quite a few people were disappointed with the beta (note i said a few not all).

    I won't be getting this until it hits the bargain bin @ $10 as it just has not got my attention or my interest at all and it never did. I only downloaded the beta because i had spare usage to use up before the end of the month :P

    Mass Effect 2 on the other hand... I heard that there is only one lock on EB Games stores security shutters? :P

      Firstly, i agree - MAG does not seem the suitable game for a midnight release.

      I mean its laughable that GameStop even considered it, but following through? It's definitely not their killer app OR their flagship FPS. Killzone 2 would take that prize and even its performance is questionable. Unless pre-orders have been amazing, fair enough, but we've heard next to nothing about how well the beta went in numbers or anything about pre-orders to make it such a hyped event.

      BUT in reference to your comment - IMO i think you're mad waiting for this to be in a bargain bin. It may not be a long wait cause i don't see MAG coming off the shelves like a COD game. But MAG is primary a game for ONLINE and waiting for it to be in a bargain bin may affect your time playing it. Less people playing/hard finding decent matches.

      BUt it could suddenly become a COD success and have a great amount of people playing it in 12 months time - i just wouldn't bet my own money on it though.

        I doubt either game would warrant a midnight release if not for the shared release night, both are guaranteed fanboy sales though as exclusives (the frontline trench fighters in the console war have to have the exclusives and proclaim they are the greatest games ever).

        Although to be honest, I don't see Mass Effect 2 moving that well on 360 anyway, Maybe it's just me, but learning it was a multi-disc game was enough for me to trade in my Mass Effect 1 on 360 and use the profits to buy a PC copy so that I could have my character file ready for my PC copy of Mass Effect 2...

          SO you are questioning the success of Mass Effect 2?

          The sequel to game that sold at least 3 million copies with the PC version aswell. Sequels, usually do quite better when it comes to big games like Mass Effect. A game that has promised to work on the main flaws of the original. Something that fanboys want to hear - Uncharted 2 for reference.

          Oh did i mention a game developed by BioWare who only just released Dragon Age: Origins - an original game, much like Mass Effect was, that was a success critically and commercially?

          Well now you know...

    MAG needs more vehicals

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