GameStop: We Must Educate Customers About DLC

GameStop's chief operating officer says the company must embrace downloadable content for the games it sells and educate its customers on its benefits, calling such a posture critical to the company's survival.

Speaking at the Game Business Law conference at Southern Methodist University, J. Paul Raines said the DLC market could see considerable growth immediately, but that one big challenge is a customer experience that doesn't know what DLC is available or how to access it. That's where his business can play a role.

"The only way a company like ours survives is being dedicated to the category," he said. "Downloadable content is a good thing because it enhances and extends games."

Sure, it might sound a little silly to informed, hardcore game consumers, but then again GameStop either already has our business or it doesn't. Raines is talking about those who aren't as attuned to the latest add-ons, map packs and what have you. But I'm sure his affection for DLC also is due in no small part to pre-order bonuses publishers line up for GameStop to drive sales there.

GameStop to Educate Consumers on Digital Content []


    yeah gamestop just wants some of the money that the manufacturers and publishers get from DLC

    So does every other company?

    Don't count on it. Gamestop employees are too busy stealing customers Star Trek Online preorder codes and using them to claim ingame items before you're meant to be able to get them (launch day). Seen one flying around myself, he's pretty chuffed with all the attention he's getting...

    I see nothing wrong with posters saying like "Buy wii points so you can download these games off the net" or same for xbox/ps etc.

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