Get Mass Effect 2's Paid DLC For Free (Free!)

Somebody at Microsoft has flipped a switch a little early, as Mass Effect 2's downloadable content is already available. Available for free. For everyone.

The GameStop-exclusive DLC, the stuff supposedly reserved for people picking up the game's special edition, it's all available for download right now on Xbox Live. Best part? It's all available for free.

It surely won't be up for long, so if you want to take advantage of this generous offer, better get your space skates on.

Kotaku AU Note: Anyone spot this on the AU Marketplace?


    I did see it on the US website last night (AU time), but Microsoft caught on within a few hours and shut it down.

    Xbox AU currently has no game add-ons for download, just some trailers and videos. Not sure if the DLC there last night...

    Managed to get all 9 however while it wasn't on the AU marketplace i was able to still download it from the US marketplace on the web, even with just an Aussie Account.

    Yep, I spooted this on IGN and nabbed them all.

    geez if they're all free, then im not gonna bother buying the collectors edition from EB.

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