Get Ready For Def Leppard: The Game

Here's something that slipped by unnoticed during the festive season: Someone is making an "unusual" Def Leppard video game.

Buried in an announcement about upcoming Def Leppard licensing deal with Primary Wave - which will see the company promote a Def Leppard cartoon series and cell phone apps - is news from Primary Wave CEO Larry Mestel that an "unusual" video game is also in the pipeline.

"Unusual" isn't what I think of when I think of Rock Band/Guitar Hero. "Unusual" is more like that REO Speedwagon game from a few months back.

Other "unusual" possibilities must surely include a serious flight sim, as you pilot the band's private jet across the continental United States, seeking tower clearances and managing fuel invoices. Or a music management game, similar to Theme Park, only Peter Molyneux's team can't make the ageing rockers any "cuter". Or "younger". Or even something about a quest for a robotic arm...

Rockers Def Leppard developing cartoon series [Reuters]


    Busier than a one armed man in a soft metal band.

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