GOD OF WAR III Snaps Necks Starting March 16

It's official, God of War III hits stores beginning March 16. (That's a Tuesday for those of you planning illnesses.)

That malevolent eye, and the chain-sword-swinging arms that go with it, will be showing off a new God of War III trailer come February 11 on Spike's GameTrailers TV.

And to put in a bit of context something I've said, but you haven't yet heard, I am a HUGE fan of the God of War series, but III hasn't yet won me over. Confused? Then watch my appearance on Spike's GameTrailers TV tonight and you'll get it.


    Great, that's like a week after Final Fantasy!

    I'm sure i'll have it finished by then...

    As long as i ignore Yakuza 3 and the bunch of other games coming out that time :-(

    My poor poor wallet

    Sweet, I've already got this week off!!! Suck on it K-Rad!!!

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