Goodbye, Burnout Paradise DLC, You Will Be Sorely Missed

Criterion Games today announced that there will be no more downloadable content made available for Burnout Paradise. Now is not the time for tears. It is a time for thanks.

Burnout Paradise was released two years ago, and has been constantly updated with content - both free and paid - ever since. New areas, new cars, even new game modes have been made available over ten individual updates, the first of which was released in April 2008, and the last in July 2009.

It's the closest a console title has come to matching Valve's diligent maintenance of Team Fortress 2, and fans of either game will attest as to how awesome that is.

While few developers have followed Criterion's lead, let's give thanks to the game anyway, for showing the world you can keep a console title (and its player base) relevant long after its disappeared from the "new release" section of a game store.

[CriterionGames @ Twitter]


    Still yet to pick this one up.. does that edition released i think last year contain ALL 10 DLC? I won't call it the GOTY Edition cause it clearly wasn't.

      There is no edition with all the DLC. The ultimate box comes with a fair chuck of it though.

      But it's worth checking out, 8 player online is super fun, with co-op stunt challenges and such, possibly better on the 360 where everyone has a mic.

    I thought we already knew this to be the case when they added in the Island and brought up the Freeburn Challenges to an even 500... That being said, it's true that more delevopers should take note at what they did.

    Some of the car packs may have been abit on the expensive side, but the amount of hours I have put into this game and the support the developers did show, they earned that extra cash.

    As long as the servers continue for the newxt few years also, I'll continue to jump on with a few friends for a cruise around Paradise City.

    hated this game, liked burnout 4 better. FRee cruising around a city and having to check the minimap took me out of it.

    So... does this mean a whole new Burnout game is in the works? I'll be saving up those pennies...

    Please let this mean that they'll start on BLACK 2...


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