Gran Turismo 5, Delay

The years-in-the-making Gran Turismo 5 has been delayed. The game was slated for release this March in Japan, but publisher Sony Computer Entertainment announced today that the game's release date is now TBA.

The release date will be announced at a later date, Sony stated in an official release. The company also apologised for any trouble that this delay has caused.

GT5 was first announced at the E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles back in 2006. According to GT series creator Kazunori Yamauchi, Gran Turismo 5 has cost $US60 million to make. The game will feature over 1,000 automobiles and 20 different locations.

The game was playable in 3D at the recent CES show in Las Vegas. Sony previously announced it was shooting for "Summer 2010" for a Western release. No word on how this delay will impact those plans.


    Its now going to be packaged as a double pack.. along with Duke Nuken Forever..

    Srsly.. WTF..

      Yeah... When its done.

      I think that they are aiming to release it when sony releases the firmware making games and blu-ray playable in 3D.

        January 13, 2010 at 6:59 PM

        Yeah… When its done.

        I think that they are aiming to release it when sony releases the firmware making games and blu-ray playable in 3D.

        Spot on.

    L O bloody L

    Even though it will be a success - i really don't think its going to become a "$200 million first week" that Sony think it will be.

    For their sake, lets hope it is though.

      I'm not quite sure it will be a success, cars will be obsolete by the time it comes out, people will have lost interest.

        I doubt that - this is one of the PS3's flagship titles. Prologue is the best selling game so far on the PS3. All those people will buy GT5 plus more. I didn't buy Prologue and i'm sure as hell buying GT5 when it finally gets released.

        I know the release has been delayed and delayed for what seems like years now. But we always expected it for a 2009 Holiday release which didn't turn out, but instead March 2010 which is now delayed. If it gets say an April/May release, thats not that long of wait since Xmas for so many people to lose interest.

        I don't see millions of people avoiding the game cause of its delay because they've lost interest. It's not like they're gonna sit round waiting for GT6 now are they?


          "I’m not quite sure it will be a success, cars will be obsolete by the time it comes out, people will have lost interest."

          I think Dilbert was making a joke that this game will be delayed so much that by the time it comes out, we'll all be in hovercars and this particular game will be of no interest to anyone.

    $10 says they are going to be tacking on some 3d garbage ... hence the delay

    Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig surprise there Sony. Biiiiiiiig surprise. Sorry but GT5's window of opportunity for this generation is really closing fast. Forza 3 is a brilliant game, and whilst it may not have the graphics gt5 may have, it at least... is OUT.

    This is indeed a DNF situation all over again. Sorry but what 5 - 6 years working on the game now? There's *no* decent excuse not to have made the current launch window.

      Correction I meant to say 4-5 years in the making.

    Why would we care if the Japanese release date changes to TBA? All that matters is the English release.

      Because chances are it means that English language release will be even later.

        Or maybe simultaneous release.

    1000 cars? Im guessing this game would be a nightmare for play testing...

    But still, weak shit sony.

    It's like the Chinese Democracy of the gaming world... lets just hope its good, unlike that album.

    ........... Oh I give up. You can keep your game Kaz.

    ps. I'll still get it but I'm not looking at anymore bloomin' screen shots.... Too annoying.

    Special edition pack with 3D goggle racing helmet?

    Ive been looking forward to gt5 for too long and with the recent release of forza 3 (which is pretty bloody awesome) I dont think its gonna live up to the hype and blow Microsofts racing sim out of the water. In fact i dont think its gonna come even close. And sony are worried.

    hahaha well that's just hilarious. I hope the 3d add-on is worth it Sony.


    Ahhh GT5 has been TBA in my mind now for 4 years. Until they actually release the game I wont believe it exists.

    What is with Sony's obsession to include every car ever built in the game. Seriously 1000 cars! 950 will be crap, and at my most you'll drive them once. Why bother Sony?

      "Seriously 1000 cars! 950 will be crap, and at my most you’ll drive them once. Why bother Sony?"

      I agree. Why can't you go through it and filter out the poor performing cars... just keep the mid to high range performers...


    GTA5 is delayed? Holy shitgums!

    wow more whinging and bitching than I could ever come up with combined from you lot! the game is going to rock, to have 1000 cars is great, it makes the game far more relevant to anyone that might own one of the cars that makes the game cut ! you have to consider that they re-create the cars unlike forza 3 they make piss-weak models that vaguely represent the cars! ... what is wrong with you people .. !!

      I'd rather wait and have it polished that have it now and deal with the mish-mash that Forza 3 is. I've gone back to Forza 2.
      No link play in 3, in-car cockpit view that just doesn't work, awful textures on the V8 supercars that look like something from the Sega Saturn, the buggered up online play etc.

      I hope it is not a long delay, but I really hope it isn't a dodgy unfinished release like Forza3.

    peter richards worry not ! the game wont make it out without being anything less than perfection!! I have been following this game series for a long time !

    so who wants to bet that Forza 4 will be out before GT5?

    It seems far-fetched...but honestly is it really out of the question? lol

    FFS this game is starting to really bore me with all these delays i,m starting to get really tired of this to the point i,m just not going to get it and

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