Gran Turismo 5 Gets Its Cover Car, The Mercedes SLS AMG

Polyphony Digital's Gran Turismo 5 comes that much closer to reality today with the release of the PlayStation 3 game's North American box art, featuring the Mercedes SLS AMG, the 197 mph "gull-winged terror".

Sony says the Mercedes SLS AMG was "chosen from a total of nearly 1000 cars recreated down to the finest detail" to be Gran Turismo 5's cover star. It not only welcomes the box art viewer with its open gull-wing doors, it also says "Hey, we modelled the interior of this car, too. Check it out."

Until such time as Gran Turismo 5 sees fit to make it to store shelves, enjoy some new shots of the Mercedes SLS AMG in action below.


    The first shot looks pretty damn realistic. That lighting engine is amazing.

    So pretty... nice cover art also... one day GT5 will be released and even if it was the worst game in the world, it will be bought...

    Unlikely though, as I already like Prologue and the GT Academy demo that's available...

    Now I may be a big PS3 supporter, but I have to call shenanigans on these screenshots/in-game engine renders - there is seriously no way it can look that good (especially after playing the time trial demo a few weeks ago)

    If this is real though... WOW!

      It's because it's photo mode. The Forza 3 screens were made the same way. What it does is take about 10 seconds to render the shot, making multiple passes at lighting etc, and using higher-resolution models and textures.

      I think GT5 will look more realistic than Forza 3, but won't be able to match Forza in multiplayer, accessibility and general fun.

    I'm a bit worried about this title... I wasn't impressed at all with prologue, and the time trial demo that is apparently to show off the physics drove like a piece of shit at least with a controller anyways. It's sure going to look pretty but "real driving simulator" GET REAL PD!

      ...can't say I've ever driven a real car with a PS controller before... maybe if we could we'd be able to compare physics.

      This has been argued at length by many people much smarter than me (and trust me, there is a lot of them), but from what I gather the GT5 'demo' is not really a demo but created purely for the purpose of the GT Academy competition. Yes, it uses much the same physics engine you can expect to see in GT5, but it is significantly altered.

      The number 1 difference is traction. If you can drive a good line you will find it feels quite realistic, but the instant you touch grass say goodbye to car control. The grass is unrealistically slippery but this is because for the purpose of the competition they want to stop people cutting corners as much as possible. You might compare it better to extremely wet grass, which is what it behaves like.

      You also need to remember that the car in the demo is quite powerful, RWD, and has very basic tyres on it. That alone is a recipe for disaster.

      I've ranted a bit more than I expected, but what I'm basically saying is yes it's hard, but that is how they intended it to be.

    The cover art is great even though i was expecting something a little more plain and simple like previous ones. But still VERY pretty.

    And not til i read the first comment that i noticed the first shot wasn't real. WOW! But i too find it hard to believe its going to look THAT great overall during gameplay.

    And i guess we could just call the Merc a Datsun if you like.

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