Gran Turismo 5 Vs Real Life

Gran Turismo has long prided itself as a series built on realism, but how do you go about modelling that realism? You compare a lap done in a real car to a lap done in a fake car, that's how.

Seeing the two side-by-side, it makes you wish GT actually included all those bumps.


    Seeing the two side-by-side, it makes you wish GT actually included all those bumps.

    you know why they dont have the cars vibrating like made from interior view?


      NFS:Shift did the vibrating thing pretty well.

    apart from all th bumps on the real life (which I wish was in GT) its pretty darn realistic.

    Damn you Polyphony Digital... Stop teasing and deliver the damn product, i am getting sick and tired of waiting, I know Sony aren't admitting it but f**K 3d and just give us the damn game and worry about 3d later.

    Yeah, ignoring all the delays crap... what they do really speaks for itself...

    Who cares?!? It's never going to be released anyway!

    i personally felt a bit let down by the franchise after GT5 Prologue included drift racing, perhaps purely to appeal to those unintelligible types that actually enjoyed the last few need for speed games and all that street racey type bs.

      I know what you mean but drift racing has become an official form of motor racing now.

      Forza included many questionable features such as time rewinds ala Dirt. But as they say its all just options and you can choose to ignore it.

    What a load of rubbish - looks good and all but convenient cutaways from the side by side timed comparison so that the editors can make both laps exactly the same...?

    I call shenanigans...

    I dont understand? why would the lap times need to be identical .. that in itself makes no sense! terry johns... zzzzzzzzzz ... drifting rocks! its far more exciting to have a different way to go around the circuits ... .. . .. sideways!

      The lap times are identical because the data from the lap (Steering, accel & brake etc) have been recorded and then displayed in GT.


      The only "Driving" was on the REAL race track; not a PS3.

      This will allow us to buy their GPS thingy, use it at a racetrack (that is either in GT or GT has track editor) and then when we get home (or to the on track PS3) view (& try beat) our best (real) lap.

      So the next time we're at that (real) track we will be faster.

    I still find it funny how the road shines in the game like the metal guards do in real life. Did anybody else notice that? Personally it's one of the things I hate most about racing games. Nothing quite like being blinded by the road when it *never* happens in real life.

    not many people realise but it clearly says "data logger visualization technology" which im assuming they attached a gps and electronic readers onto the car to get a game recording of it, so whatever happened in real life, they recorded and rendered it into the game

    only thing i have thats a negative is the lighting in the game, i mean you dont get blinded by the road, and the car shine is not quite right

    Damn, it makes you want the in-car jittery bumps as an option...

    So weird, they are going the exact same speed, yet the'real' footage *feels* a lot faster.

    The textures in the real life video look better ;)

    Holy crap they made the mountains look identical O.O

    I don't see any difference with that footage when compared with GT5 Prologue.?? I hope GT5 offers more than what we're seeing there after ALL this time. it's a bit concerning..!

    The game looks more detailed then in real life!!!

    Yes, but that's how the cars all RACE!!! It's as boring as guano to actually race like that.

    Next damn video will have Duke Nukem behind the wheel! Then onto Gran Turismo Paint Drying comparison videos.

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