Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City Announced For PS3 And PC

Released on the Xbox 360 in October 2009, Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City is coming to the PlayStation 3 and Games for Windows.

Episodes from Liberty City is a compilation of the episodic downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto IV and includes expansion packs The Lost and Damned (originally released on Xbox LIVE in February 2009) and The Ballad of Gay Tony (originally released in October 2009).

"It's been a long time coming, but we are proud to finally deliver Episodes From Liberty City for the PC and PlayStation 3," said Sam Houser. "We appreciate the patience of our PlayStation 3 and PC fans worldwide, and we look forward to putting the games in your hands this March."

Both episodes will be available together on one disc on March 30 or individually available for download on the PlayStation Network and Games for Windows.

Games for Windows - LIVE players can enjoy 32-player multiplayer matches and an advanced video editor, and all fans will experience new songs on the updated soundtrack as featured across Liberty City's 13 diverse radio stations, alongside in-game television and Liberty City's own internet.


    Too bad it's 32p P2P!
    This was bound to happen, I'm so happy.

    bout time, now i just need to pick up GTA IV lol

    We had no choice but to be patient as Sony wasn't willing to pay for something that was going to end up on the console eventually anyway. Nonetheless this will be a great reason to dust off the old copy of GTA IV.

    Im not really a GTA IV fan but i suppose this is good news considering that going back a few years ago the GTA franchise was a Playstation exclusive.

      I would like to know when that was considering from 3 to IV they all appeared on Xbox

        GTAs III, Vice City and San Andreas all debuted on PS2. They were later released for the Xbox.

    I've got the US version, so I'll have to import the disc-based episodes. Stuff going through US PSN, the Hong Kong PSN was difficult enough without Entropay

    woo hoo! ... GTA IV for PS3 is so horribad ... after buying both PS3 first & then the PC version the PC version is ... a million times better! cant wait. great franchise!

    God damnit I cant beleive I bought these as DLC on my incessantly jamming, out of warranty launch 360! If only I'd have waited. I cant even get a bloody refund and swap for PS3 cause its digital content! Argh! After Mass Effect 2 I'm through with 360 I think, especially now that I have to pay to repair it.

    I'd like to care because I love GTAIV but this is soo late coming. GTAIV is almost 2 years old now...

    I thought MS paid a whole bunch of money to have these as exclusives? The rumor was tens of millions of dollars. Was that just for timed exclusive? bizarre.

      Not really. Microsoft didn't just hand Rockstar a pile of money to make the Episodes exclusive. Rather, my understanding is that Microsoft advanced Rockstar a sum of money to fund development - essentially a guaranteed up-front payment that Rockstar would have otherwise received through actual game sales. Part of this agreement was obviously that they would be exclusive to the 360 for a period of time.

    was always going to happen, you can't get much sales that way.

    New meaning to this then?

    Terms like... "Liberty City, It's Over. Next Stop."

    and more appropriate... "Opens March Everywhere"


      Called it! Farkn brilliant - shame there's a million other games around the same time that'll be occupying all my time :P

    The problem with the Episodes from Liberty City is that it isn't marketed properly. It seems like they are relying on the GTA name to sell these. As we saw for the 360, it didn't totally work.

    -1 xbox

    So anyway, 360 people who got this... is it worth it?

      Definitely. Lost and Damned is bloody good, but Gay Tony just shines completely. Makes the game so damn good. Gay Tony takes it to being almost as fun as San Andreas was with all the stupid and wacky things you can do such as Base Jumping etc etc.

      i only bought the lost and the damned and didnt really get into it. mind you, i never finished the original gta4 in the first place due to boredom. i think its way too late to be bringing this to psn. the only reason i bought gta4 on 360 is so i could get the dlc and was very disappointed.

      Yes, most definitely. I bought them recently, and enjoyed both waaaaay more than I did the original game.

      Much more emotional connection to the characters, which I was surprised by, but there you go.

      Roman isn't in them. Instant win.

    Yay now people on PS3 and PC can enjoy the mediocrity :)

    Haha.. It was bound to happen.

    BOOM! So getting this.

    Clearly US$50,000,000 doesn't buy as much exclusivity as it used to.

    But it's too late, I finished playing that game a year ago.

    Cool, now I've got something to do.

    I didnt think anyone on the PS3 actually bought this game...

    FUCKING finally

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