Green Day: Rock Band Not MTV's Only Game For 2010

Harmonix already has Green Day: Rock Band on its 2010 slate as a follow up to last year's The Beatles: Rock Band, but the popular punk trio's game won't be the only music game from publisher MTV Games this year.

Senior VP of MTV Games Paul DeGooyer tells Newsarama that Green Day's release is "of course not going to be our only game this year", not quite confirming what is "effectively the next game, or ‘Rock Band 3'".

Which, by the way, should be interesting, if The Beatles: Rock Band contributor Dhani Harrison's assertion that future Rock Band games may feature instruments that will help players "actually learn how to play music while playing the game."

What will be more impressive is if Rock Band 3 can reverse the genre's slowing sales in 2010. But enjoyable music instruction? We'll take that too.

New GREEN DAY: ROCK BAND Details, ROCK BAND 3 Hints, More [Newsarama via Destructoid]


    Rock Band 2 huh? Would be nice if they actually gave us Rock Band 2 first, or released Rock Band 3 closer to the US release and not a whole year later.

      green day rock band is going to be fuckin awesome

    I don't know why MTV, EA and Harmonix can't get their arses into gear and release Rock Band games in Australia in a timely manner. Activision and Neversoft can do it with their "Hero" brand of games, so why can't they.

    AC/DC, The Beatles and Lego Rock Band all came out here pretty soon after or on the US release date. But, RB1 came out here almost a year after the US. I also recall that one of the high up guys in Harmonix or EA (can't remember who) promised Australians that we wouldn't have to wait for RB2 as long as we did for RB1. Yet here we are over a year later and we still don't have it. Even worse New Zealand got it in December and their population is alot lower than ours, what's up with that.

    I imported both games from the US but I feel sorry for all the people that have been waiting patiently and haven't even got so much as a release window.

    Also found this on wikipedia, so it might not be RB3 but you never know. And if it is God only knows when it'll get released here, if ever.

    Several bands have stated they are seeking to or are working with Harmonix to develop band-specific content for the series.

    The band Pearl Jam is working with Harmonix and MTV Games along with Rhapsody on a Rock Band-related project to be released in 2010, allowing for users to vote for their favorite live versions of the band's music. It is unknown at this time if the content will be released as a band-branded game, track pack, or a collection of downloadable songs.

    The band U2, after declining an option to place themselves in a Rock Band game in 2008, are reconsidering their stance after seeing the success of The Beatles: Rock Band, according to U2 bassist Adam Clayton.

    Similarly, Queen are in behind-the-scenes talks about a possible title for their group within Rock Band, according to Brian May.

    Roger Daltrey of The Who has stated that a Rock Band-title based on his group's music will be available in 2010.

      for whatever reason that still holds up Rock band 2, I do get the feeling that the issue is over and that's why we saw Beatles & LEGO released with the rest of the world.

      Pearl Jam already 2 albums as DLC, they are voting on the live tracks... they just love getting their music out there, considering you can pretty much buy any concert of theirs via their website. More bands should be like that!

      U2, The Who & Queen as stand alone games also? sign me up... all 3 of them given games to the productions values and designs like the Beatles would be great. Each band has their own unique backstory... Green Day aren't all that shabby either, alot of fun music in their catalogue.

      It's getting close for me to get a new HDD... 500 or 750GB...

      They might of got their act into gear as it says that Green Day Rock Band will be release here in Australia at the same time as in the US. I don't know if this is them finally figuring out what they are missing or Green Day has told them that it needs to be world wide release.

        Here is where you can find that information.

    The current Guitar Hero drumkit and drumming in game (yes I know this is Rockband in this article), or actually anything from World Tour onwards, I believe helps develop drumming skill.
    OBVIOUSLY it's not the same. But to beat some of those songs on expert means you have to have some of the skills professional drummers have.
    I'd like to see a drumming n00b beat any of the Tool or Children of Bodom songs on expert, I've been playing since I was 10 and it took some practise to nail them.
    But then I took what I learnt playing the game and applied that to my actual kit and it helped...somewhat.
    If I were ever to become a drum teacher, I'd even go so far as to recommend my students get Guitar Hero and play it in spare time, I truly believe it helps build the coordination and timing required in drumming, to an extent.
    Nothing will ever compare to traditional methods on an actual kit, though.

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