Guitar Hero: Van Halen Needed Better Box Art

Guitar Hero: Van Halen couldn't be more underwhelming as a product if it had "UNDERWHELMING!" as a bullet point on the back of the box. But with the right box art... hmm...

Seizing upon a rare moment's peace, a bored GameStop employee came up with this. Which is not only an amazingly life-like portrait of the band circa 2010, but also has a blurb Activision should just copy, paste and run with on every future Guitar Hero game.

Amazing custom ‘Guitar Hero: Van Halen' game case spotted at Game Stop [Albotas]



    The dumb thing is I will buy this just to play Tenacious D - Master Exploder damn aggressive marketing.

      Buy rockband 2? If you have a region locked xbox, you can still import from the UK, right?

        No x-box only le PS3.

        On the PSN for rock band is;
        Tribute, The Metal, and Rock your socks.

        Don't know if it's different on Xlive

    ACTIVISION should totally hire that guy in their marketing department

    This almost makes me want to consider giving a passing thought of buying this game

    This guy is my new hero.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH! I'm pretty sure that clown on the cover is supposed to be Dr Rockso from Metalocalypse.

    (He does cocaine...)

    Now that's the sort of commentary I want from a games store employee. None of this 'want to trade that in?' 'want to get a game disc guarantee?' 'want to pay through the nose for new releases that are $20 cheaper down the street?' how about a little bit of truth on what the games they sell offer and if they suck.

    Lol, Dr Rockso as David Lee Roth

    That is awesome.

    I dunno which marketing wizards told them that VAN HALEN could carry a full-price expansion by themselves, but whoever did the box clearly wasn't feeling it.

    They either need to do something like Guitar Hero: Pink Floyd or just do yearly updates and DLC instead of trying to make people pay through the nose for stuff like this.

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