Hands-On With Xbox 360's Arcade-Crazy Game Room

Our men at CES have just tried out the Xbox 360's virtual arcade, the Xbox Game Room, at CES. Watch and decide if the Game Room is for you. Some very cool stuff here, about, of all things, the audio.


    I know everyone is drawing parallels to PSN Home here but XBL Game Room seems more focused on arcade gaming (a good thing) with a little cloud based social interaction.

    I was never a real big arcade gamer but I'm still intrigued on where MS is taking this. The current competition between MS and Sony is really only providing one thing.

    More for Gamers!

    Looks awesome, I used to hang at the pinnies like I lived there. Hopefully MS is planning to use lube...

    Maybe I missed something, but what is the point of this if you can't walk around with your avatar? Why even bother including avatars if you can't use them.. Just seems like a different way to release arcade games on xbox live to me.

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