Have Some More Australian Nintendo Sales Figures

Nintendo dominated software sales in Australia last year. The top six best-sellers were all Wii exclusives. But how many copies did they sell?

Nintendo has forwarded us lifetime sales figures for Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus, Mario Kart Wii and New Super Mario Bros. Wii. And they're all very big numbers.

Wii Fit has now sold 800,000 units in Australia, making it the best-selling game of both 2009 and 2008. Wii Fit Plus has sold 152,000 units since its October 2009 launch. That means over half of Australia's Wii owners also own a Wii Fit title.

Mario Kart Wii has sold over 500,000 units since its April 2008 launch. Not as impressive as Wii Fit, but still a staggeringly high number for our market.

Finally, New Super Mario Bros. Wii is well on the way to matching the success of Wii Fit and Mario Kart. It has sold 200,000 copies in just seven weeks on sale and has reached that milestone quicker than any other game on any platform.

Who said the Wii was in a slump?


    Considering Nintendo use to award "Platinum" status to their titles for selling 70k, I wonder what they call it now? Uber-Platinum?

    Who said the Wii was in a slump?

    Everyone.. what about the other hundred odd games that were released on the Wii this year? Barely scratched the sales surface I fathom

    And surely a sequel to Mario Kart is justified?

      "Who said the Wii was in a slump?"

      Every third party developer who tried to sell a game on the Wii?

    Yeah but third-party games ON the Wii ARE a SLUMP!

    Not the Wii itself though...

    But then again, this is all based on the charts that we see here on Kotaku. Which means a hefty amount of sales towards other games are most likely never counted when they say the Wii had the 6 top selling games.

    It makes sense cause if they include Kmart, Target and BIg W which i presume the chart we view does include those -- it makes sense they are heavily Nintendo/Wii orientated. Parents of Wii owners would mainly shop at Target or Kmart than GAME, JB or EB for video games.

    Sounds like Nintendo is doing very, very well out of the casual (or at least the non-t3h g33kz0rz) market.

    I'm so sick of hearing Wii stories and sales figures. The platform is almost entirely irrelevant to the sites readership. Software-wise, the Wii is dead, not just in a slump...third parties have just about given up and nobody really cares anymore.

      You poor guy, having to read videogame related news on a videogame news website. The horror. Ironic thing is you actually had to read the article to then make a comment on it.

    The wii is the worst console. You couldnt give me one. Its greatest games are Mario and the usual rehash Nintendo has been doing for years

    Aron, JOedy & Jae - You comments amaze me!

    "The platform is almost entirely irrelevant to the sites readership"

    Um... what? You are kidding right?

    "Its greatest games are Mario and the usual rehash Nintendo has been doing for years"

    Okay..um... Twighlight Princess wasn't epic? Did you even play it?

    "Parents of Wii owners would mainly shop at Target or Kmart than GAME, JB or EB for video games."

    Excuse me? 'Wii Owning Parent' here! Target is THE LAST place I buy Wii Games from, KMart a close second!

    Look people, read the stats, rethink your comments and get back to us.

    I would put $20 on that fact that none of you own the console and are either Microsoft or Sony Fanbois

      And ironically, you are sounding like a nintendo Fanboi.

      Personally, I never enjoyed playing my Wii. It was OK in a party-play kind of environment, but without someone else there to play with you the entertainment value dropped way down. But that is just my take on the console.

      Most gamers won't take the Wii seriously, due to it's target audience, its simple control scheme and a few other things.

      And yes, while the platform is relevant to the sites readership, I think we are over all the news stores basically saying "Wii is number 1 in sales again!? Who would have thought? We should all be shocked right?". Seriously, they made a simple console that caters for simple people and that turns out to be a lot of people, congrats.

      "Look people, read the stats, rethink your comments and get back to us."
      Stats? You mean the stats about which demographics own and play wii titles the most?
      Stats about where Wii games are sold?
      What stats? Are you going to provide sources?

    I said "almost entirely irrelevant"...obviously a casual audience would come to this website, but not very often.

    Also, there are no "stats." The sales figures show nintendo are making alot of cash on hardware, that's it...where are the studies to prove people actually play their Wii? Oh wait there aren't any.

    Xbox 360 is the most played console by far, and third party games on Xbox 360 and PS3 outsell their Wii counterparts by a ridiculous margin, often with lesser marketing.

    There are plenty of studies to support these points, here's one:



    And check out that page to see active user % of each platform (in the US). Wii owners clearly just don't play the thing, it goes hand in hand with not buying any games. Also the Wii has a larger, and the largest, female player demographic than any other console by far...take from that what you will, but personally I can't see women buying as many games when they can be buying jewelry, make up, shoes and all those other womanly goods.

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