Heavy Rain DLC Puts You In The Shoes Of A Killer

Speaking with French site gameblog, Heavy Rain creator David Cage has revealed just what you'll be getting up to as part of the game's downloadable "Chronicles" episodes.

Running for around an hour in total, one of them will see you playing the part of the Origami Killer, a key character from the main game. Another will put you in the shoes of FBI agent Norman Jayden, while a third will focus on photographer Madison Paige.

Note, these aren't all the episodes that will comprise the game's DLC; just some of them.

Heavy Rain : le tueur aux origamis jouable en DLC ! [gameblog, via Eurogamer]


    I want this game so bad =( looks like I better start saving for a ps3...

    I can't tell if that image is edited or just a screen grab... Will the DLC be availabe to people who didn't preorder it?

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