Heavy Rain Release Date Trudges Sadly Into View

Don't be sad! Quantic Dreams' interactive cinematic exploration of sorrow now has an official release date of February 23.

At least don't be sad now. From what I gathered from Stephen's impressions of the game, there'll be plenty of time for that once Heavy Rain is spinning half-heartedly inside your PlayStation 3. I've already bought several boxes of tissues in preparation.

In the PlayStation blog post announcing the date, Sony software marketeer Cristian Cardona reminds us that pre-ordering the game will earn customers the first episode of The Heavy Rain Chronicles DLC for free, so now that you have a date it's time to start gathering pennies from behind the couch.

Look on the bright side. Now that Heavy Rain is finished, Quantic Dream can start working on Omikron 2! David Bowie isn't getting any younger you know.


    He's only 63.

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