Heavy Rain's Special Edition Short On Wet Tank Tops

Heavy Rain's Europe-only Special Edition, first announced last month, has now been shown off by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

It comes in a fancy gatefold cover, treated to make the textured raindrops appear "real", a promo code for the game's DLC, cute (and bloody) little origami and a big fold-out covered in notes, which in the best case will be helpful solving the game's mysteries, worst case will look nice on the wall of a Heavy Rain fan.


    Do you have to fold the origami yourself? Thats like 3/4 of the fun of origami stuff (the other quarter is seeing if it will fly no matter how unaerodynamic)

    Not a lot of content for a special edition, was hoping for a soundtrack disc or something, maybe a bracelet with a button symbol "floating" on a thin bit of wire so people know what button to press to dodge my punches

      When you're doing the install for the game, it provides you with instructions on how to fold it. Best use of install screen ever?

        I wonder, why can't they just take a page from Naughty Dog's book and just use background caching.

        Seriously, how often has anyone who's played Uncharted (1 & 2) seen a loading screen?

        Failing they, they could have done what they did with Batman: Arkham Asylum and have the cache created while the game was played. As again, I didn't see any major distruptions in that either.

    Is this exclusive to any shop and will it be released in Australia?

      no, yes.

      Yes it is available in OZ, i have perordered it already and it is advertised on both EB and GAMEs websites

    I've seen this edition being listed in Australian retailers, on both EB and JB websites for about AU$120. Finally a SE that isn't an EB exclusive!!

    I've read some conflicting reports but, the other places i've read say there is a soundtrack cd, the origami thing mention here is new to me.



      from what was said on the Euro playstation blog, there's no soundtrack cd, but a code to download it.

      "Finally a SE that isn’t an EB exclusive!!"


      Excuse me while I put my lower jaw back in my skull, :-P.

    The SE is available pretty much at most stores such as EB, GAME and JB Hifi.I just preordered it at EB.

    Yep I was expecting a soundtrack CD or "making of" DVD. For a special edition it doesn't seem that special.. The origami is nice but it's probably cheap to produce.

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