Here, Your Blueness... Have Some Beatles: Rock Band Sales Figures

For all the money spent on securing the use of The Beatles, the Rock Band title of the same name is yet to outsell its predecessor, Rock Band 2. But is there a silver lining in that money pit?

Maybe. MTV's Scott Guthrie has disclosed that "more than one million" Beatles songs have been downloaded for the game. Considering the game has sold "only" 1.7 million copies worldwide since launching in 2009, that's a pretty good adoption rate for downloadable content if you take them as one million individual song downloads.

Since they're most likely including albums sales in that number, however (which will bloat the figures), it shows most people picking the game up either aren't aware of, or are simply not interested in, downloadable content.

Beatles: Rock Band sales slow over holidays as music video game genre bombs [LA Times]


    anymore dlc?....let it be,she loves you,from me to you,the list is endless

    At least down here in Oz the Limited Edition was insanely overpriced at launch- AUS$350 for bass and patched together drumset?! Made all the worse by dropping to $200 within first 3 mths- way to reward the loyal fans who bought at launch. PS3 Game+Singstar mic bundle is a bargain but would have been even more so with mireless mics. Great game tho- the 'funnest' band game since, well GH3- and it still wasnt half as good as it might have been. DLC of Maxwell's Silver Hammer made me think they escaped having to get a song about a murderous child, rated on the hard copy disc...

    Does anyone know where to get the other guitars and cymbals for the beatles rockband? Also I have found there is no instructions for using pauls guitar, can someone please explain the basics, and when you change from one end of the neck to the other. Also whats with the larger greens and reds, what do you do there? Well thats enough questions for now. Thank you for your help

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