Here's The Exploring Strange New Worlds Part Of Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online isn't all phaser shootouts and epic space battles. You'll spend plenty of time exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilisations, and boldly so.

I've spent a dozen hours in the Star Trek Online beta, and while I've spent more time firing at enemy ships than poking about the surface of strange new worlds, there have been a few moments of simple exploration and diplomacy. There are away team missions where you never have to fire a single shot, which go great lengths towards assuaging my initial fears that this would be Star Trek: Combat And Not Much Else.

I've still got a large universe to explore, so let's hope the trend continues.


    That's all well and good but how about Atari (or whoever owns them now....Kotaku/Namco-Bandai or something ain't it?) getting off their sweet butts and actually identify what the pre-order bonuses are going to be here in Australia. The open beta STARTS NEXT WEEK!!! It certainly seems we'll be missing out unless we pre-order direct from the US, which is ridiculous. Everytime I talk to EB Games they simply state that they haven't yet been advised (by Atari) what the bonuses might be - yet EB Games US is using the same offer provided by Gamestop in the US. This is getting to be totally unacceptable.....distributors need to get their act together .....

    It's EB.. Should we really be suprised?

    Besides, EB will no doubt try to sell it for AUS$100-$120 odd when you can download the Digital Deluxe Edition for US$59. With the exchange rate, it's far cheaper to buy from anywhere other than Australian retailers.

    u can get it off steam they have it all laid out

    Yeah Steam has it advertised now. I would rather a Digital Version these days anyway, I do not want some stupid art book with my collectors edition anyway.

    Link for steam DD version

      Oh I'm well aware of the online options including Steam and am seriously looking at them - however, this doesn't negate the fact that as far as boxed distribution goes - and significantly, options regarding pre-order bonuses, including open beta access - we are seriously lagging behind here in Australia and there ARE NO ACCEPTABLE EXCUSES for this. It's shoddy, lax and something I've seen recently with other games as well. What surprises me is that organisations like Kotaku and EB Games Australia don't seem to have caught on that by being so behind everyone else, it loses them Australian turnover by driving people here to order via other means, such as Steam, Direct2Drive or simply by ordering from EB Games US or similar in the hope that the boxed version arrives in a timely fashion.

    This could be WOW for trekkies if it gets big enough i spose.

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