Here's What You Get For Preordering Skate 3

EA's Skate 3 might not come with a high tech plastic skateboard controller like its chief "competition", but putting money down on the sequel does earn you this nifty exclusive skate park.

Now that I think about it, "Doesn't come with a high tech plastic skateboard controller" could actually be a selling point. Easily as attractive a feature as the Black Box Distribution skate park here, which preorder customers will have access to as soon as the game ships this May. I will personally mail EA cookies if that blurb makes it onto the game sleeve.


    Thats a pretty sad looking skate park. I think I will just buy it upon release.

      Yeah, definitely not the best reward for pre-ordering... Maybe if it was the equivalent of Danny Way's compound it'd be worth it, but that thing? Come on!

    it doesnt look that great. but its actually a replica of a real park which appeal to some who are knowledgeable of the skating industry.

    I love preorder bonus', doesn't matter how crappy they are, they always suck me in

    Either way a pre-order bonus is still something you get for FREE so I'm not complaining. This game is most certainly pre-order worthy for me.

    I loved the first 2 Skate games (though Skate2 was a little bit too glitchy for my taste). But I've never found the free skating much fun. Especially when filming the replay is so hard given the limited camera options.

    This looks like an average bonus. Sweet costumes or crazy physics might've sold me :P

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