High-School Farce: 360 Puts Celeb Couple On The Rocks

Another celebrity couple is said to be on the road to splitsville because of a console. This time, it's High School Musical's Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, and the "other woman" is an Xbox 360.

Contactmusic.com, quoting unnamed sources (but inevitably stripping out the "likes" and "so he's/she's all") says Hudgens gave her squeeze a "stash of video games" for Christmas, and since then he's been curled up on the couch with something other than her. All right, let's go to the hearsay!

"Vanessa has hardly seen him. He talks more to his friends online while blasting away at aliens or whatever, than to her. Vanessa has even tried joining in but her boredom threshold is a lot shorter than Zac's. She's on the verge of saying, 'It's either me or the X-Box [sic] ."

Best part? Efron gave Hudgens three trees for her birthday two weeks earlier. That makes it kind of tough for him to argue this. "Baby, what, I can't play a game when I come home? I mean goddamn, I work hard all day to buy you that ... tree."

You'll recall last month it was tennis star Andy Murray allegedly getting the boot over playing Modern Warfare 2 for seven-hour stretches on his PS3. Do I smell a trend? No, three instances would be a trend. In celebrity gossip, two is just a fad. Zac Efron - Vanessa Hudgens' Zac Game Row [Contactmusic via HBG]


    And that's why there should be more gamer girls out there.

    "Vanessa has even tried joining in but her boredom threshold is a lot shorter than Zac’s."

    Vanesse sounds like the boring person if she can't have some fun gaming with other people without getting bored.

    Let me guess when his taking her shopping she isn't bored....

    People seem to forget that Celebrities are regular people too, they enjoy video games just as much as the next person, and it seems only fair that a few of them would be more obsessed than the rest. I’m actually surprised we don’t see more stories about the gaming habits or celebs.

    Seriously, three trees?

    'Hey honey, you'll never guess what I got you for your birthday!'

      "What is it baby?....wow I really didn't guess that..."

    i seriously lost brain cells reading this... especially the quote...

    and trees for a birthday?....

    if she's bored, she should get him a boyfriend. you all know he's gay. admit it.

    Double standard. That's like breaking up with a chick because she talks on the phone to much (tempting but ultimately pointless).

    So, she's annoyed because he likes the gifts that SHE gave him?

    I bet he wouldn't care if she was out all day playing with her trees...

    He's an actor trying to be serious with Me and Orson Welles later this year.

    She's a girl who seems content to spew forth tween crap and nude pics.

    That said, trees? Seriously? He's crazy for giving her trees, she's crazy for him liking her gift.

    She couldnt be that good in the sack if the games are winning over her

    I'm just waiting for the Gamer's Wing at the Betty Ford Clinic, and the Gamer episode of 'Intervention'. Kotaku readers: be very wary if asked to participate in any impromptu 'documentary' on the nature of games addiction... "My name is Zach, and Im a gamerholic. It has been... 4 weeks since my last Killstreak Reward."

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