Hospital With Convicted Killers Gets 22 Wii Consoles

Broadmoor Hospital, previously known as the Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum, has been outfitted with £5000 ($8800) worth of Nintendo Wii gaming thanks to UK taxpayer money.

The high security institution, which is not a prison, treats the likes of rapist and murderer Robert Napper and the Yorkshire Ripper Peter Stucliffe - both of whom are indefinitely confined to the hospital. A source told UK tabloid The Sun that Stucliffe played bowling on the Wii, while Napper looked on.

The Sun then of course had to give its article a typically trashy pun title. ("Resident Wii-vil?" Really?)

"When you think of their crimes and the misery they have caused, you have to ask if it's right for society to pay to entertain them," the source stated. "This cash could have been spent improving care in the wider NHS. In the meantime all we hear is laughter as patients play with their new toys."

The hospital has been outfitted with 22 Nintendo Wii consoles, fitted to plasma TVs. They are so popular that the Broadmoor apparently is ordering extra remotes. The hospital is already home to PlayStation and Xbox gaming consoles.

According to a Broadmoor spokesperson, the Wii consoles (and Wii Fit) were part of the patients' treatment and a strategy to increase exercise - even though health experts largely agree that exercise results from the Wii are negligible. But even in such a high security hospital, patients aren't able to take walks? While some of the mentally ill may not be to constructively join the society at large, surely they can take walks on hospital's high security walled grounds.

Killers given Wii games at Broadmoor [The Sun]


    60 bucks isnt very much... 22 wii consoles would be like AU$4600 i rection.
    did i see em for 199 somewhere?

    That's exactly what I was going to say. On what planet can you buy 22 Wii consoles, or even 1 for that matter for 60 bucks.

    Sorry, that was meant to be 5000 pounds, not 5000 yen.

    As far as I'm concerned they don't even deserve to have 60 bucks spent on them. For the crimes they've committed and pain and suffering they've caused, they should be left to rot.

      Yes because leaving 2 men who have committed horrible crimes, bored, cooped up and dehumanised in every way will definately improve their treatment progress and will definately not make them exceptionally violent in attempts to lash out in their environment and strike at all around them.

      Nope, not at all.

        Don't you think that it sends them the wrong message though.

        Commit a crime and get a wii. If my son bashed someone or stole something I certainly wouldn't be rewarding him.

        @ Ad

        Lol, yeah he'd sort 'em out.

        Exactly, lash out at other deranged violent criminals who are in turn lashing out.
        Instead of Wiis for their entertainment they should sell tickets for ours.

    Just curious, what's the ratio to news articles that feature video games in a positive light compared to those that feature video games with negative connotations attached.
    Probably gotta be something like 1:a gazillion.

    It's okay, Batman will be heading there shortly.

    There was a PS2 in the loonybin I stayed at for 2 months...Didn't get used much..We all used to line up our seats and pretend we were on our way to meet god in the Millenium Falcon to make us alllll Jedi knights !...Who needs a Wii when you've got MEDS !

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