How Much You Bet These Guys Aren't Talking About Hitting At All?

I don't speak Spanish (pardon my grammar; I don't speak no Spanish) but I halfway think that Seattle's Felix Hernandez and the Angels' Kendry Morales aren't saying what's in the subtitles. Or maybe I just wish it was that way.

Also, way to tip off that you're sitting on the fastball, Kendry. See if you see one on anything other than 3-0.

It's hard to tell from the angles, but it seems that the visuals have improved - although they had plenty of room to go up from last year. But the way out-of-proportion cap logos were something that always bugged me, and they look a little more proportionate here. I'm not so sure about the player renderings, but then again, neither Hernandez nor Morales have that recognisable a look so perhaps they aren't the best specimens to judge this.

MLB 2K10 is out March 2.


    Although I also don't speak "no" Spanish, I do speak Portuguese, which is similar enough to tell you that yes, they are saying what is in the subtitles, although at one or two points they say a little bit more than the subtitles, but nothing that changes the sentences' meanings.

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