How Spider-Man 4 Implosion Could Affect Warcraft Movie

Spider-Man 4 director Sam Raimi felt as though he could not realistically deliver the film he wanted to make by the studio's due date, causing the director to pull out of the comic book franchise, scrapping the film.

According to website, Raimi told Sony before walking from Spider-Man 4: "I can't make your date. I can't go forward creatively." It seemed that Sony wanted Spider-Man 4 to be shot in 3D, something that no one on the crew was apparently knowledgeable about and something that would have added six months to production.

In the wake of Spider-Man 4 falling apart, Sony has since decided to focus on a reboot of the Spider-Man franchise without star Tobey Maguire. The reboot was apparently planned for when Spider-Man 4 was finished and is believed to be a "gritty, contemporary" take on the Spider-Man story for release in 2012. (Gritty Spider-Man?)

What does this all mean for Raimi's other project, Warcraft? It means that Raimi's schedule has freed up considerably. The original plan was to begin work on the Warcraft film, which is based on Blizzard's popular online gaming franchise, as soon as Spider-Man 4 wrapped.

Raimi has two projects lined up: historical novel The Given Day, from Mystic River author Dennis Lehane, and the film adaptation of Blizzard's Warcraft. Which one he moves forward on first is up to Raimi, but, like Spider-Man, Warcraft is a huge property with a massive following. If the filmmaker is feeling like he is itching to tackle a big project, then he'll most likely move forward on the Warcraft film. But if he is feeling stymied by the prospect of doing a huge effect-heavy film, then he'll probably do The Given Day.

Last fall, the director said this about World of Warcraft: "You could make a brilliant World of Warcraft movie - as fine as any of the best superhero movies - if you had the right writers and directors."

Saving Private Ryan and The Patroit screenwriter Robert Rodat has signed on to scribe the Warcraft film.



    Im surprised Raimi was even allowed near the Spiderman franchise after he Schumachered number 3...

      He was allowed back because he succumbed to studio pressure for the 3rd movie, thus the debacle that was Venom... He had a serious nervous breakdown on that movie anyway, so for him to demand creative control and then walk away when he didn't get it, seems like he saved us from another Spiderman 3... Besides now he can work on Evil Dead 4... Balls to WOW I say, sir!

    After the dark knight every superhero film from now on is going to be dark and gritty. I think rebooting the series after so little time is a bad idea, the hulk did it because the original movie sucked, and I hear they are doing the same thing with Fantastic 4 because both movies sucked. It hasn’t even been 10 years since the first Spiderman film, and they are already going to remake the first film basically. I blame both the director and Sony for Spiderman falling apart. Sony asked for all the changes in Spiderman 3 that turned it into such a crappy film, and Sam was a spineless pussy and did it. I’ll at least give the director some credit this time around because he would rather quit than make Spiderman 4 suck as much as part 3 did.

      Ah, but a reboot in this sense could hopefully mean a few tweaks to the storyline to fit in with the current "Marvel Universe" movies.

      Iron man and Hulk are tied in. The next few movies like Captain America and Thor would possibly be tie ins as well.

      Also, shitty Tobey Mcguire should really go...It worked in the 1st movie coz it was all about a dorky teenager. But now we need a more baddass sharp tongued spidey.

      I think a reboot would work if done correctly

    Fingers crossed Gritty Spidey does not resemble Emo Spidey.

    They are doing WHAT to Spiderman 4!? This is news to me! Sure the Tobey Maguire Spiderman movies were cheesy but they were perfect that way. Im all for gritty super hero movies (watchmen, 2000s> batmans) but i dont think this will work. this is just sony being greedy because they cannot have it there way with 3d.

    The Spiderman movies were horrible. I doubt this guy could validate WoW to an audience that exists outside its gaming community.

      Go watch every movie Raimi has made since 1982 and then sit humbled in your ignorance.

    Why dose sony have to push everything to its technological limit. Now im no big fan of the spiderman movies but what they had going for them, it worked. Not only did it work, but it grabed them truckloads of cash. Yet somehow sony wants to run thing as they see fit and are more concerned with the technological marvel of 3D than the overall production values of the movie.

    This sounds alot like the ps3. Just shove money at it rather than plan for something people will actually enjoy.

    BTW, im a big sony fan, even bought the ps3 when it first came out, still dosen't exuse their less than ideal actions though. I mean just because 3D is the flavour of the month thanks to avatar, dosen't mean that everyone hates traditional 2D movies all of a sudden.

    i actually thought the first movie was quite good but the rest were shit , still shouldnt stop them from making a 4th!

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