If Football Awards Were Named For Tecmo Bowl Legends

Maybe the NHL names every award for someone, but the NFL gives blandly titled honours. Pigskin Doctors concocted awards named for players from Tecmo Bowl and Tecmo Super Bowl, giving them to current players who most resemble their performances.

No, Bo Jackson is not on this list. (Most are from TSB). But I love it that they got Chris Johnson's 8-bit dreadlocks (pictured). And the Derrick Thomas Award (going to Ed Reed of the Ravens) is absolutely spot on. That guy could slip any line and wipe out the holder. I also would have named one for Jerry Rice - you could destroy any team on Earth by substituting him in as a halfback in TSB. That would probably go to a guy like Percy Harvin at Minnesota.

And while there's no Tecmo Bo award, from original Tecmo Bowl, I'm disappointed there's no award for Hanford Dixon (most interceptions by a player you never heard of, like Tampa's Tanard Jackson) or Cap Boso (most receptions by a white receiver going over the middle - easily Wes Welker.) 2009 Tecmo Bowl NFL Player Awards [Pigskin Doctors]


    Uh huh...and the point of this for us Australians?

      You realise there are actually people in Australia who follow the NFL?

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