In 2009, Japanese Game Market Shrinkage Continued

In the West, the video game market is growing. In Japan, it is not. As with 2008, the domestic Japanese market size has been on a downward slide, getting smaller and smaller.

In data collected by Famitsu publisher Enterbrain between December 12, 2008 and December 27, 2009, both hardware and software sales were down. Software sales did stiffen up in the second half of the year.

Comparisons from 2007 - 2009 below - ¥100 equals $US1.09 at time of posting.

2007 Market Size (Figures Are Approximate)
Hardware: ¥327.41 billion
Software: ¥360.54 billion
Total: ¥687.95 billion

2008 Market Size (Figures Are Approximate)
Hardware: ¥250.5 billion
Software: ¥332.12 billion
Total: ¥582.61 billion

2009 Market Size (Figures Are Approximate) Hardware: ¥216.49 billion Software: ¥326.16 billion Total: ¥542.64 billion

Hardware sales were down 13.6 per cent, and the sum total of hardware and software sales decreased 6.9 per cent. While software sales were down 24.4 per cent in the first part of 2009, software sales were pushed up 10.4 per cent, powered by eagerly anticipated titles like Dragon Quest IX and Final Fantasy XIII.


    You could blame this one a lot of things, but I think this one is simple, the west has been making better games year after year.

    the japanese market has just stagnated i mean its either gaint mech game anime figting game or Jrpg and thats it meanwhile in the west we had a 3rd person RPG with RTS elements set in a heavy metl universe and a future order of assasins who look back through time to fight evil knights templar...

    with that as competion its no woner the japanese market is shrinking

      people like buying the same thing over and over. Look at sports games and FPS. Dont think its that.

      You are completely right.

      Japanese and Chinese gamers are starting to wake up and are moving away from the same old crap there use to.

      Take L4D2 for example....this is purchase by Japanese and Chinese people in cant play on an aussie server for long without hitting in to one. Yet I can't remember seeing any of them in a Doom, Quake or unreal server.

      In Hong Kong the Marketing for L4D2 was out of control, nearly every gaming store I saw had L4D2 marketing in it.

      On a side note its a god send they now play some western FPS games...there team work is outstanding

    I'm no expert but perhaps in 2007 the new consoles were released maybe?

    One word. Recession. Japan's export economy was hit hard by the global downturn last year. In one month I remember their GDP fell by a massive 13%- veritably wiping out all the growth for the noughties decade.

    All those lost jobs and Japanese people's tendency to be savers not spenders= shrinking sales of consumer electronics, ie. games

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