In 2010, We Will Learn What Ken Levine Has Been Working On

Ever since production wrapped on BioShock, people have been keen to know what Ken Levine's next project would be. Seems we're finally, three years after his last game shipped, going to find out.

With a "new" studio under his belt and rumours of an X-Com revival still hanging in the air, BioShock's director feels the time is right to reveal his latest project.

"This is the year we'll start talking about stuff, and we stop hiding behind the iron curtain of secrecy", he told GameSpot. Pushed for just when that would be, Levine said it won't be during the Game Developers Conference in March; it'll be later.

E3 it is, then. Or leaked Game Informer scans. Take your pick.

Irrational Games debuting new game this year [GameSpot]


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