In Europe, Monster Hunter Becomes A Nintendo Game

In Japan and North America, Monster Hunter Tri is a Capcom game, developed, published and distributed by the company. But in Europe and Australia? It's now a Nintendo game.

The announcement was made earlier today by Capcom, who say that while they'll still technically be acting as publisher, Nintendo will be "responsible for the sales, marketing and distribution" of the game in Europe and Australasia.

It'll be out in April. Expect to see a lot more marketing for the game than you otherwise would have. Oh, and maybe one or two of those black Wii/Monster Hunter Tri bundles (pictured), too.


    Cant wait, hope the pro controller bundles hit too.

    If I didn't already have a Wii, I'd totally want to pick up one of those bundles. Looking forward to this game!

    I really hope this game works well in AUS. Because this will single handedly redeem the Wii for the hardcore.

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